Year 2012 that was.

2013 is progressing and life’s been one year short now. So what exactly was year 2012? I don’t know, have no idea actually how it went. Like everyone on earth I set some rules, some things to do on first day of 2012. Below is the snapshot of what I planned and what I did. Achieved the coloured and tick marked items below.


Excel format courtesy to

Professionally I continued working with Infosys in year 2012 (resigned in Dec though), did well in terms of team handling. Promotion was due but failed in panel interview.

Apart from Delhi Half, I ran Goa half marathon as well. bought a bike, a MTB, learnt how to ride and rode entire year. The best has been 94 km from Delhi to Faridabad to Sohna to Gurgaon and back to Delhi. Leh is still a dream though.

2012-04-08 07.35.30 Somewhere near India Gate, Delhi.

Did no future planning, no investment and I think this is where I lack very much. Financial health is must today. However, supported my family frequently, for land dispute, sis’s marriage.

Did cleared Bank Of Baroda PO exam, however was not able to make it to the merit list. Gave last SSB interview at SSB Allahabad and didn’t clear the screening. Joining army will be a dream forever now.

Changed my base three times, first shifted to Mehrauli, had to shift due to panga with landlord. Searched a room and shifted Lado Sarai, and then shifted back to Gurgaon for 2 months. And finally I am sitting in my room at Ber Sarai.

Visited Nainital, Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, and Mani Mahesh Yatra was a tough one.

Overall mixed was year 2012, didn’t achieve very big however, I hope new year will bring some good changes in my life. Lets pray to Almighty, a blessed YEAR 2013.

End of 5 yrs. bond with Infy

I joined on 12th Nov 2007 and after a long relationship, this is the day now. It comes in everyone’s life to realize that this is it, can’t go further. And I think I have done my bit with Infy.

On what ground I am resigning? I don’t know either. You see, this is my peak time, I’m just to get new things but my heart is not accepting anything with this organisation. May be some day I will.

On 21st Jan 2013 I will say good bye to everyone and hope a better new life, better opportunities. Thanks Infy,

Goa Trip & Goa River Marathon 2012

Well, the end of 2012 couldn’t be better than this. The pain of ADHM was not gone yet I was preparing to run another marathon. Hip joints pain was tearing me apart since ADHM, but then when there is a will, there’s a way. On 9th October I was determined to run GRM (Goa River Marathon) 2012, without much preparation though. Reservation was in Train no 12218 (runs from Chandigarh to Kerala, good train). On 5th I boarded the train from New Delhi and reached Madgaon (Goa) at 9PM on 6th Dec. I was late and tired so without much hassle, I laid my blanket on platform and slept in open air.

Day 1 (7th Dec)

Madgaon is small place like other Goa cities. My plan was to visit Colva beach and roam around. I woke up at 5 a.m. had my tea from near stall and went ahead. A motorist asked me where am I up to, I ignored him just to find out later that these yellow plated motorists are govt. approved just like rickshaws in Delhi. I walked with a smile, finally I was in Goa. So I just walked and walked till I got tired and enquire about local bus adda.

Since GRM was to start from Vasco De Gama, I planed to make Vasco as my base for rest of my stay. So the first task was to search a room and get rid of the bag I was carrying. Very soon I got a bus to Vasco but had to wait for another bus, guess why? yeah, window seat.

By noon I was at Vasco and found a hotel with 1500 bucks for two days. I had to collect my running bib so after the formalities I headed to the Baina beach where Vasco sports club has organised the expo. Sun was in full glory, it was very hot. The arrangement were good at expo, shops around and some band was there also.

Before collecting the bib, I thought to have a deep breath near the mighty sea shore. I quite did it too.


( first glimpse…)


( first time experience, really enjoyed the view)


(another experience)


This is how it comes to you and ……..DSC06548

And comes near you ……


And says hello to you touches your feet……

Got my bib (no 1240 ) and came back at the hotel for further Goa exploring. I had heard a lot about Panaji (Panjim), the Portugal’s built it and I must say they did well.

2012-12-07 20.40.16

The arrangement were good all the way, less number of medical add though.


Clear sky made my day..


Panaji is fine city with lots of streets like this and full of foreigners.. Churches at every corner, I took walking tour of 6 km. starts from Church of our lady of the immaculate conception and return at same place.


mode of transportation, carrying people, bike, and cars as well.


Old buildings are fascinating and good watch.


Just sit, listen to the shore’s singing, thought comes pouring in.


Sunset at the beach, quite fascinating. A long desire fulfilled.

Day 2 (8th Dec)

Woke up at 5 next day, headed for a walk towards Baina beach. Ran across the beach till sun rise and came back just to get ready, marched towards bus stand. The plan was to visit Calangute beach, Aguada fort and watch sunset from there. Goa local transportation is very good, buses are available at regular interval. One can hire a bike on rent as well, its very famous there.



Sun shining brightly.


There are many who earns their livelihood from sea shores, not only human beings..


(what Goa is famous for…)DSC06595DSC06598

My companion of the tour…. the shadow..)DSC06601DSC06603

Perfect click.. isn’t it?


So many sports to play, with a good deal…


Aguada fort, shooting was going on.


Sat there for almost an hour, doing nothing.. without even realizing.

2012-12-08 15.08.20


Watching sunset was a dream, and it was a dream come true. See some snaps.


Time to return back and get ready for tomorrows big event, the run.


Such a big crowd.


The entry to Calangute beach.

Day 3 (9th Dec, Race Day)

Finally the D day was here, got up at 04:30 a.m. and reached at Baina beach, the race starting point. I submitted the bag, wore bib, timing chip and waited for clock to get set go. Legs were paining, the previous days walk along the shore from Aguada fort to Calangute beach walk helped a bit and gave me much sought confidence. I had a target of 02:30 finishing time so 8km per hrs. pace was required. First 5 km were cakewalk but then body started loosing its pace, at the same time mind picked up the pace and continued. 02:30 bus caught me around 13 km mark and I was behind them till the finish. Achieved timing of 02:31, my personal best.

2012-12-09 05.49.58

My target, thought will never loose hold of it..

2012-12-09 08.35.07

Did it again…. Victory pose

2012-12-09 08.41.55

After race snacks.

2012-12-09 08.42.042012-12-09 08.53.49

Me, resting after the race and prize ceremony was going on.

2012-12-10 11.02.19DSC06653

Prize distribution was going on and I was healing at beach.


After race thoughts. and whole day was spend sleeping naked there and playing with water. I got so excited to get into the water and guess what, I forgot to remove specs….. as expected lost them. And I was blind for rest of journey.!



This can only happen in Goa.


Day 4 (10th Dec, Return journey)

The night was spent at railways room service, since I lost my specs and being Sunday, market was closed. I had to do this and rested.



Getting ready to board the train.

2012-12-10 15.13.21

Boarded in time and left in time for 36 hrs. journey by Goa Express (Daily service).


En route..


There are so many tunnels en-route, and quite a good view.


DSC065572012-12-10 17.13.322012-12-10 17.22.07

Kokan railway at its best, this water fall comes near Doodhsagar. One must travel through Kokan railway once in a life time. It has so much to view, villages, river crossings, stations are heritage in itself.

2012-12-08 17.55.282012-12-08 17.55.42

Perfect click and with this the journey concluded.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012–Completed

After registration, I was prepared to do a lot of practice before the race, but as usual nothing happened. Just some random morning rides and some walking at park near my place where I stay.

So I was ready to give up but then destiny has its own charm and I did Mani Mahesh Yatra, just before the big day, on 17-20th Sep. And believe me it was a big morale booster two days of travelling by bus one way, then 14 km of straight climb, night stay up there and then downwards. See the entire story here.

With all that I completed ADHM with net time of 3:11 Hrs. being the first run I thing I did quite well.

2012-09-30 12.34.42

( Me giving myself a completion treat @ Karnataka Restaurant, Green Park)


(Certificate downloaded from net)

My bib number was 14381, I got it from Govind Puri on 23th September from get active expo organized by ADHM team from 21th Sep. to 23rd Sep. I gave exam (APFC, conducted by UPSC) in the morning and reached the expo by Metro. It was quite lovely, see some of snaps…


2012-09-23 14.40.37

(Kit Distribution Area, I got a bag with a lot of stuff)

2012-09-23 14.42.12

(BMW, the official car of the race)

2012-09-23 17.47.442012-09-23 18.08.43

(Stuff from the bag I got from expo)

Race day being the Sunday, I planned to take leave on Saturday but my manager didn’t approve, no choice. Came Saturday, landlord was angry I was still in his house (I was suppose to vacate the room before the month end). After a hectic Friday night shift, entire Saturday was busy with all the packing and by 5 PM I was done. I was about to call my office friend who was helping me to shift my luggage in his car but got a message from him that he couldn’t come busy with his guests. Shifting got delayed for next day.

At evening went Mehrauli market to pick some stuff, blanket was due to pick from dry cleaning as well. Had momos and chicken fried rice there with a friend. Messaged the cab driver not to wait for my pick up, would be coming by myself.

Back home, got ready and did 13 km office ride on my swinn bike (read cycle). After reaching office at 9 PM, did some regular stuff and colleagues were enquiring about dinner, decided that me and Deepak will be going to McDonalds to pick burgers for all. Drive up to McD, had ice-cream and were back at 11:30 PM.

I left office at 3 AM and cycled back to my room, woke up my friend who was helping me to find auto for the stadium. We left at 5 AM but very soon auto driver realised that something is wrong with clutch wire, he took 20 min and we were off. Paid 100 bucks to auto and walked to stadium.

2012-09-30 05.38.072012-09-30 05.39.09

(Waiting for clutch wire to be fixed)

2012-09-30 06.32.322012-09-30 06.33.39

(Me with all gears and saying bye to my friend)

2012-09-30 06.57.02

(Holding area where all the runners waited till 06:40 AM)

I started running at 06:52, means 12 min late, it was packed with 30,000 runners for half marathon. It was a hot day but race was very well organised with water points everywhere, mobile toilets, medical kit and oranges as well.

2012-09-30 10.32.052012-09-30 10.33.04

(After the race, tired, showing my medal)

2012-09-30 10.33.162012-09-30 11.12.51

( Timing chip and some photo shoot Flirt male)

Overall it was a pleasant feeling running, people cheering up, clapping felt very nice and special. First 10 K were smooth but after that it was like hell, I walked for almost two Km before gaining the momentum, because it was mental and will thing now to run not the physical one. Pain was there but will to finish was more than that pain.

At last, thank you ADHM organizers to such a wonderful day, I’m hooked to running and already has applied for Goa river half marathon on 9th Dec. See you all runners there.

Mani Mahesh Yarta 2012

Sometime frustration is good, so back at office life was so hectic and miserable, I couldn’t hold of things of my own. Delhi half marathon was on neck, I promised myself a good practice but all in vain. And one day I decided to go on a holy trip of lifetime – to Mani Mahesh, a resting place of Bhole Shankar.

I posted on and other site but haven’t got any information about the Yatra time, further search on internet confirmed that Bada Snan is on 24th Sep 2012. I was preparing for it but got to know that on 23rd I have APFC exam and on 21st was best friends birthday. So I fixed 15th Sep as starting date of my Yatra from Delhi.

Day 1

‘How much to Chamba’ I was enquiring at Himachal Roadways ticket booking window at 9 PM on Saturday 15th. 510 bucks for ordinary bus and will leave at 11 PM, came a reply. Booking done, boarded the bus and left at right time.

Later next day when I reached Una, a station in Himachal, I realised that this was a slow moving bus and will take 20 hrs to reach its destination. Normally its not more than 14 hrs. of journey to Chamba. At 11:30 next day we were at Pathankot station, and bus was resting for 01:10 hrs. with moving time of 12:40. Meanwhile had lunch and one call to friend that I am all right an all that.

‘There is no bus to Bharmour, book a hotel and stay here. first bus will move at 5 in the morning’ someone gave me this information at Chamba station at 06:30 PM. Realised how one wrong decision leads to another, proper research is the key to successful travel. Anyways, booked a bed at rain-basera near Chamba station for 30 bucks a night. After dinner I dozed off at early as 9 o’clock.

2012-09-18 17.33.43

( View from Bharmour)

Day 2

5 AM bus as packed as it came from Dharamshala, however got conductor seat, he was busy ticketing. Tea break was at some place for 20 min, as we moved ahead got a news that road is blocked due to landslide.

2012-09-17 07.31.02

( JCB’s are like God here, clearing the road each and every time nature does something to road)

It was taking too much time so decided to cross by foot and wait other side to catch a bus, another 40 bucks less from my pocket and by 12 o’clock I was at Bharmour. On bus met with a guy who was first time coming for this yatra but had been to Amarnath 3 times. As per the tradition who is up to Mani Mahesh Yatra, must go to Bharmour temple before proceeding to further Yatra but I was lacking time so hurriedly caught a Bolero cab and reached Hadsar, 13 Km away from Bharmour, a base camp for Yatra. From here steep climb begins.

2012-09-17 11.28.322012-09-17 11.58.02

( Hadsar, from here you have to go by foot)

2012-09-17 14.10.462012-09-17 14.11.03

( Scenery changes with the climb, this is how the path looks like)

2012-09-17 14.13.102012-09-17 14.30.16

( Dancho camps can be seen far below, had Bhandara here and moved )

2012-09-17 14.30.482012-09-17 14.13.50

( Clear blue sky, pure bliss, loved that)


2012-09-17 14.34.292012-09-17 18.06.16

( Zig-zag path, some camps of refreshment item. Sundarasi can be seen in this pics)

2012-09-17 18.06.502012-09-17 18.07.23

( Barsati is must here, I forgot to pack, had to manage with this Smile )

2012-09-17 18.08.262012-09-17 18.09.15

( Self portraits, I was alone and without camera, cell phone was only my companion )

2012-09-17 18.15.082012-09-17 18.15.18

( Some random pics, its about to get dark I must move on)

I was so much occupied with myself and nature that I forgot I still have to climb 3 km. My legs were paining like hell, it was very hard to climb even a single step. A porter as carrying some pooja items in his back, I had to trail him else I will be lost. At 7 PM I was at Gauri Kund, saw a lunger, ‘ you can stay here free of cost, its dark now’, a sadhu was talking to me. I said good bye to the porter and thanked sadhu.

‘At night you can see star blinking up there like Mani, that’s why its called Mani Mahesh’ the sadhu was pointing at Kailash parvat. I asked some questions about weather and some rituals, he answers all my questions and said you are one of the luckiest person on the earth.

After pooja and lunger, blanket were distributed to all the pilgrims staying in that tent. I was carrying sleeping bag with me, still took two blanket and dozed off.

Day 3

At 2 o’clock in the night, I was awake and saw it was snowing outside. I had seen snowfall way back when I was school guy. Due to global warming, people going insane about nature, it never snowed in my home town otherwise we used to play and build so many thing in snow during Dec and Feb month. I was lost in memories and missing my parents, home. “Told you, you are lucky, its a miracle, never snowed during Yatra time” the sadhu was standing near me and looking outside. I smiled back silently.

Some morning snaps …

2012-09-18 08.01.482012-09-18 08.02.16

( The board was in front of our tent, well coming all )

2012-09-18 08.05.172012-09-18 08.21.34

( Some more….)

2012-09-18 08.21.552012-09-18 09.36.25

( Some more….. )

My legs were paining like hell, I was not able to move a single step. At night, I was determined to visit the holy lake, Mani Mahesh Lake, and it was 20 min up as told by the sadhu. But took another bad decision of heading back and go downwards. I think I was scared of trapping for more days, And office, friend’s birthday, exam I thought I am gonna miss everything.

“You can not do anything without His permission, He allows you to visit Himself. Don’t worry some day He will call you again” the sadhu was consoling me, as I was heading down.. I got a companion, he said, he is from Bilaspur HP. He was here since yesterday afternoon and visited all the places Gauri Kund, Holly lake, Kamal Kund everything. he had been to Amarnath 2 times and said Pahalgam route is best for Amarnath, Invited me for next years Amarnath yatra in July first week.

2012-09-18 09.51.062012-09-18 09.43.28

( The guy from Bilaspur, my guide, mentor on descend. He was well aware of natures gift, he showed me Brahmdand, used in many medicine. Bhojpatra, belpatri and use of it. What the meaning of Mandakini, tale about Ganga & Gomukh. He showed me Shiv-Gharaat and I tried to listen but was raining, could only hear river flow)

2012-09-18 09.36.39

( Self portrait)

2012-09-18 09.43.192012-09-18 09.54.55

( And it was still snowing when we started downward journey )

2012-09-18 11.12.29

( Had to cross anyway 🙂 waterfall straight in our heads)

2012-09-18 11.18.082012-09-18 11.50.30

( Some more snaps…)

2012-09-18 11.49.302012-09-18 11.50.00

( The entire track of 14 km revolves around this river all the way up)

2012-09-18 11.53.042012-09-18 12.11.27

( Dancho at the valley)

“Roads are blocked all the way till Chamba” I could only hear these words at 3 PM at Hadsar. I feared of trapping here and waited at a lungar. No one was ready to go, it was 13 Km to Bharmour, from where I could catch a bus. No, I can’t walk.

Finally one enthusiastic maxi cab driver came and said I can drop you till the landslide point from where Bharmour is only 2 km, some relief. Boarded and saw road was not going to be motorable for atleast 4 hrs. With the help of PWD workers I was able to cross. ‘It is 4, I must walk the distance in 1 hour to catch bus to Chamba.

“There is no way you can cross today” a policeman on duty said.

I cursed myself for my decision of coming downwards from the Holly place. I should have stayed up there and should have enjoyed natures beauty. With all that thought I was just roaming around “Do you need a room?" I heard a voice that came from my left. I saw a young boy and nodded. Without bargain I was in a room for 200 bucks a night. Again I cursed myself for spending money like this. Went outside and had tea bread omelette.

2012-09-18 17.33.12

( View from the dhaba, having tea bread omelette)

2012-09-18 17.57.092012-09-18 17.57.33

( finally shoes were off…)

2012-09-18 18.17.022012-09-18 18.18.04

( View from Hotel room… Me Go green,,,,,)

2012-09-18 18.39.282012-09-18 18.18.34

( Stuff scattered on bed… )

Day 4

Early in the morning, an innova was going to Chamba I asked the driver to wait till I pack and bring my stuff. He nodded but when I came back with my bag, he was gone. I was nowhere again.

“Road id blocked but will moving at 08:20AM” HP bus driver was saying to me looking at his nokia 1100 cell phone. Good battery back up I thought and occupied a window seat. Ticket was done only for Khadamukh, the landslide point, 16 Km away. A big stone has blocked the road, Again the God, JCB was trying to remove that but it was very big, size of a truck. A fat policeman was trying to impress the public that he keeps a close eye on every activity in his area, it was quite interesting to listen him. Then three big blasts and stone was in pieces. Everyone was in a hurry, result – a heavy jam.

At Chamba, bought some apples and started journey towards Pathankot, quite fascinating to see the scenery and roads, trying to remember all the names thinking to come here back with my bike (read cycle) some day, when I will be heading to such pass some day.

Reached Pathankot at 6 PM and was waiting for bus.I was damn tired even to enquire about time n all. Haryana roadways conductor came and said come with us, will reach before that bus ( pointing towards HP roadways bus). ‘What time you will leave’ I asked. 07:15 came a reply.

Total expenditure-

Del-Chmba 510
Chmba-Bhrmr 70
Lndslde-bhmr 40
Bhmr-Hdsr 30
Hdsr-Bhmr 30
Bhmr-Khdmkh 15
Khdmkh-Pkot 170
Pkot-Del 360
Total 1225
Food n All
Pkot 50
Chmba 50
Barsati+Glcose 50
Dinner Bhmr 40
Chmba 50
Pkot 40
Total 280
Grand Total 1505


2012-09-18 20.14.14

Jai Bhole..

A Short Trip to Nainital

So it happened again, an unplanned trip and it really turn out to be quick but enjoying two days trip. I was getting interviewed by BOB (Bank Of Baroda) official on 10th of August. Initially, they didn’t allow me as my degree was missing. Quite amazing we Indians are sometime, I had my mark sheet with me and the person asking me about the proof that I passed the class!!! All over the India 33% is the passing criteria, I was having the mark sheet with 52% marks and he was saying show me in written that I have passed the class.! Indian education system really need big reforms, we always believed on marking system without realising what a student is up to.

After much negotiation, I was able to convince them that I passed the class by showing the transfer certificate, where somewhere in small letter ‘passed’ was written. But the lady who was verifying my documents gave me 15 days window to submit the degree, thus this trip came into picture..

On August 12th, I was sitting on high tech bus to Nainital at Anand Vihar. One can catch Uttarakhand roadways bus from here. Off-tourist season, so easily got ticket. My pocket was already off by 385 bucks for a small paper. Anyways, occupied my seat with a coke & a packet of biscuit in hand.

2012-08-28 21.08.39

( A day before, on way to office & struggling with Delhi traffic)

As usual, bus got some problem just after we crossed Gaziabad, ‘tire puncture ho gayaa’ someone was taking over the phone. It always happens with the fucking A/C bus, consoled myself by abusing and went down to have tea. Rest of the journey was sleepy, had dinner somewhere in-between called ‘tadka’ dhaba.

At morning 7 I was standing with a great view of the lake. There is a temple of Naini ( one of Hindu Goddess, from 84 crore Gods )  and Tal means pond of water, that comes as Nainital ( Naini + Tal). Some snaps….

2012-08-13 13.45.23

( Let me touch the water please…)

2012-08-13 13.45.38

( Once more..)

2012-08-13 08.42.15

Some pics and I was on my way to mall road, you can found mall road in every tourist place in Uttarakhand. You name the place mall road is everywhere, why they call it I am still searching for an answer. Reached mallital ( there is only one tal, lower part called tallital and uper part of the lake called mallital), had tea omelette and enquire about the university.

2012-08-13 18.00.04

( Degree college up there..)

Back to bus stand again, crossed it and went ahead, in fact sooner I realised I was climbing.

2012-08-13 09.00.10

( Lake and bus stand can be seen at lower end )

2012-08-13 09.19.43

( More climb and lake was getting smaller..)

2012-08-13 09.33.22

( And more up, nice view )

In to the forest, I was alone in the morning, though it was Monday unlike cities like Delhi, it was calm and cool. On the top I saw some famous schools Doon School, Sherwood College ( producer of some of fine personalities). After a full circle of the lake, I got what I was here for.

A form was filled and 400 bucks were off again from my pocket. ‘come after one hour’ The official said. Went cafeteria to have tea and ordered chhole.

At 2 o’clock I left the university with provisional degree. ‘bus will leave at 8 in the night’ the booking clerk was waiting for my response. 385 bus off again and ticket was booked for 8 o’clock bus.

I had 5 hrs to spend and to explore the area. Went Naini temple, that reminded me of my friend, one forgotten friend. No idea what happened between us but we are no longer talking, friend on Facebook though.! And then saw football match, two schools were competing. After that went bhotia market, again reminded me of another friend, no more friends, no even on Facebook. Said, very said so quitted the idea of going up on rope-way just sat near the lake observing different type of fishes. I was lost on myself and didn’t even realised how and when I was sitting in bus and left Nainital.

Some snaps….

2012-08-13 13.46.162012-08-13 13.47.142012-08-13 18.47.462012-08-13 18.56.22

( lights on… at evening)

2012-08-13 18.48.032012-08-13 18.56.52

( Some more evening snaps…)

2012-08-13 18.57.162012-08-13 18.57.52

( can you see the sign ‘ZOO’…)

I found myself in front of this zoo but it was closed. It was Monday, closing day.

Places to visit in Nainital-

Lake, Zoo, Naini temple, Bhotia market, rope-way and view to Chinese peak from top, suicide point, some graves, rock climbing point for adventure loving people, waterfall on other side of lake, and a lot of climbing.

2012-08-13 18.58.382012-08-13 19.10.55

Last two snaps before bus left. I promised myself not to remember this place but couldn’t resist posting it here. May be somewhere inside I still miss those two soul with whom I saw myself, may be.

Total Expenditure

Tickets 770
Coke+Biscuit 50
Dinner (2) 150
Tea+ bread Omelette 30
Momos 50
Noodles 30
Total 1080

Dharamsala, McLeod Ganj & Beyond.

May month and Delhi, a killer combination.! Temperature hitting 45 degree Celsius and humidity, weather unbearable. And back my life was having a bad time, office life was just unthinkable!

26th of May I was standing at Kashmere Gate bus stand enquiring about bus to any place in Himachal.! Hill stations are, and will be, in hit list of travelling. I always avoided going Uttarakhand on a vacation, may be because it being my home state. And don’t know why but Himachal is always is in my top list when it comes to have some good time. And recently played IPL match between Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings in Dharamsala was in news so naturally I desired to go there. Google is best friend for any kind of information, some search and it was clear that I am hitting Land of Buddha this time.!

Hard Luck on 26th, no bus available when I reached Kashmere Gate bus Adda, very funny, I was back to my room. But early next morning ‘bus nikal gayi kya?’ I was again standing in front of enquiry cell. ‘420 rupees, aur 5 mint me nikal wali hai bus’ came a reply. Got my favourite seat, window one Smile  and left Delhi @ 06:30 AM.

Some stops in between and around mid day we were at Chandigarh bus stand for 30 min halt. When bus left I was accompanied by a lady but as usual ignored her and focused on the road, dreaming about my future cycling plan searching for camping ground. Pretty cycling thing yeah..!

Till Una, there was no talk. I was busy dreaming and she, sometime tapping on her Samsung Galaxy, sometime pouring water on her face. Pretty girl thing hmmm..!

Medical college’ I heard girlish voice and turned my facing towards that. She was looking at me with a waiting look.

‘No, going Dharamsala’ I replied.

Oh! entrance season hai na to I thought tum b admission ke liye ja rahe ho, center-fresh loge?’ She was holding center-fresh but I could only see her beautiful fingers and big colourful nails, combination of two different but matching.

Nai, mummy kehti hai ki ajnabiyon se kuch lena, khana mat’. Don’t know why on earth I said that but I think I was just playing it cool. I could see her smiling and looking other way.

Accepted her offer though.

She was in medical profession, completed MBBS from some college in Kangra, where she was going back today, and now trying her luck for MD course. Today she was in Chandigarh for exam. We had a good and long chat after that. She was in Delhi too, though for coaching and hardly got any time to explore the city. She told me about her life experiences, places to visit nearby, Kangra fort and a river where no one comes alive, she pointed towards the point but could only see her beautiful colourful finger.

At 7 in the evening I was outside bus stand, hopelessly tried to search a cheap room. After much searching and enquiring got a room at Kotwali Bazaar for 300 bucks.

Day 2

Early in the morning went for a walk, came back with a booklet Himachal Tourism and checked out at 10 o’clock. There was nothing much to do in Dharamsala, decided to visit McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu waterfall and Dal lake. kept Kareri lake and triund reserve for next day.

2012-05-28 05.38.382012-05-28 06.10.09

(Some glimpse of town, while heading McLeod Ganj. Cricket ground at far)

Its a steep climb to McLeod ganj, I started from altitude saying 960 meter and when I reached up it was 1770 meter.!

Bhagsu Naag temple is 2 km ahead of McLeod Ganj, and Bhagsu waterfall is some 500 meter from the temple. Reached temple and directly headed to the waterfall. Too much crowded with young couples, and youngsters mostly Punjabi’s.


2012-05-28 11.39.122012-05-28 11.42.41

(Waterfall and surrounding…)

2012-05-28 11.45.392012-05-28 11.45.54

( Some more…)

2012-05-28 11.52.202012-05-28 12.03.10\

( And a close look…)

2012-05-28 12.46.372012-05-28 12.46.54

( McLeod Ganj, full of Tibetans..)

2012-05-28 13.21.43

(McLeod Ganj was named after the governor of Punjab, Ganj means ‘neighbourhood’

Came back to McLe and headed to Dal Lake, it was showing 2.5 km on Google maps so decided to walk. One Dal lake is in Kashmir as well.

2012-05-28 13.22.182012-05-28 13.23.31

( On the way to Dal lake..)

2012-05-28 13.57.422012-05-28 13.57.56

( Straight to Dal Lake… I sat nearby this for almost an hour)

2012-05-28 14.33.572012-05-28 14.54.27

I thought it will be full of water and lively but it was something like this..

2012-05-28 14.56.32

( By this board, I came to know ManiMahesh Lake… Planned to visit someday.) Did ManiMahesh trip in Sep 2012.

2012-05-28 15.50.312012-05-28 18.30.09

( Lunch was something like this with a view like this…)

Walked back to McLeod Ganj, did some shopping, an emblem, shorts for me, lower for my friend (didn’t wanted to give her a chance to say ‘mere liye kuch nai late tum kabhi’)

Didn’t visit Buddha monastery coz of dark, I missed this time but its a must visit when you are in the land of Lama. Yoga and prayers are some major attractions here.

ordinary me hai ticket ab aur koi seat nai hai, kat du? 430 rupee ’ Booking clerk was impatiently looking at me. My hand slipped into my pocket to reach my wallet and hell… I was out of money, only 200 rs. left. Gave 200 to the clerk with a promise to come back with rest of the money but reserve that ticket for me. Again climb 500 meter to find out an ATM just to come back down.

I wanted to stay there and visit Kareri Lake, triund peak as well. But I was there without informing anyone, no leave approval from office so had to head back. These two place…… some day…….. for sure.! Aameen.!

Sunset view….

2012-05-28 18.30.252012-05-28 18.36.102012-05-28 18.40.012012-05-28 18.51.112012-05-28 18.51.512012-05-28 18.52.22

Hello world!

My entry to the world of blogging has started, I know it is just an attraction to this virtual world but trying to explore to learn and to get best in this small life.

Looking forward to share more….)