Driving License procedure – Delhi

Driving License procedure – Delhi

Okay, so now that I have got my driving license (2 wheeler vehicle only), let me jot down the procedure here.

  1. First go to https://dlpay.dimts.in/app/index.aspx
  2. Apply for Learner’s License, fill up the form online.
  3. Pick a time slot to book appointment, pay fee, which is rs 30/-+service charge for two wheeler. I booked early morning slot of 07:00 – 07:30 AM. I would advise you to book early one to avoid long queue there.
  4. Print out your filled form, paste a photograph and sign below it, fee receipt along with self-attested below documents.
  5. You need 2 documents –
    • Residence Proof of Delhi
    • Age Proof
    • Passport size photograph
  6. For residence – Aadhar card or voter id card or passport etc. I submitted Aadhar Card.
  7. For age – Pan card or School certificate or birth certificate etc. I submitted School Certificate.
  8. On appointment day carry your original documents, with a copy of each self-attested.
  9. I went to Sheikh Sarai office for 2 wheeler license; there you need to go to counter no 9. Give your filled form, he will ask for original documents. Confirm your details on the system, like name, address etc.
  10. He will give you a fee receipt and pass your form to counter no. 10. There you have to give finger prints; signature and they will click a photo of you. This photo will be there in your DL, so make sure you smile. J
  11. Once this is done they will attest your form, stamp and will return to you.
  12. Now you have to go 2nd floor room no 210 for online test.
  13. Wait for your turn, hand over your form. Keep the only fee receipt with you. Give test. Result will be in front of you. If fail you have to go back again after a week. If pass, you have to wait till 2 o’clock.
  14. At 2 o’clock they will distribute the learner’s license from room no 212.
  15. Now you got your learning license, learn to ride. You got ONE month time to apply for permanent license.
  16. After 30 days you again need to go online https://dlpay.dimts.in/app/index.aspx
  17. Apply for permanent license, book appointment pay fee of rs. 250/- + for 2 wheeler vehicle. Again print the filled form and fee receipt, affix a photograph of yours, self-attest.
  18. On appointment day, carry your bike with a sign L at front & back (imp.) with you, filled form with photo, fee receipt. Go to counter no 9 (Sheikh Sarai), give your finger prints and collect fee receipt.
  19. Carry your form, pick your bike and go to the main road just outside office building.
  20. There will be a long queue with vehicles with sign L, give your form to the inspector. Wait.
  21. As soon as you hear your name; fasten your helmet, start your bike, go to the start line. Listen to the inspector carefully and proceed. Complete the round and reach to the inspector, he will inform you the result. If pass your DL will reach to your address within a week. If fail, come back again after 8 days.
  22. He failed me on my first driving test.
    1. Reasons-
      1. Helmet not fasten correctly
      2. Crossed the zebra line at the red light.
      3. Did not give left indicator while parking the bike.
  23. So I went again after 8 days, (10 days actually). Had to pay 50/- rs fee at counter no 1 and finger print at counter no 2. Gave test again and passed.
  24. I actually forgot counter no 2 thing; didn’t give finger prints. I just paid fees and gave test, went home and then office. At evening I got a call from rto office to come again and complete finger prints part. So next morning went again there and completed.
  25. So on 19th Oct 2016 all formalities completed; on 22nd Oct India Post delivered my permanent driving license at my door.

Happy driving everyone!

North by Northeast ‘4 – Rest day at Sonmarg’

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Distance this period: 0.00 km Total Distance: 1152.74 km

Sonmarg – 0 km (forced rest of 2 days)

I was enjoying watching tv after a long time while it rained outside. I checked-out pretty early in the morning and to my surprise a barrier was put up there by police; no vehicle was allowed to pass. Damn! What to do now? I was out of the hotel already; roads were blocked from both the sides and there was no estimate of clearance!

I locked The X near a chicken shop and walked some 2 km to check out the landslide; sure enough it was massive. Yatris were struck too. Army came to our rescue; they put up some tents for stay and arranged food.

Hotel prices went rocketed high; the room I was staying previous night for 500 bucks was already booked for 1500 today. A perfect business opportunity.

Police was no help, Army allowed to camp the other side.

This is what landslide looked like. continous rain and slush made it impossible to even walk.


So i joined the queue for food. offered by army.


Army came as a big help, camped there for two beautiful nights.


Beautiful Sonmarg.


And the evening was lovely.


Then I was surrounded by lots of trucks and drivers and their horrible stories


Last day @Sonmarg it was beautiful stay of 2 days farewell shot from my camp.

Wondering Soul Inside

There was this insanity came over me recently, having bird’s eye view on myself. It’s like sitting on the rooftop and notice each n every movements of everything. Days are passing just like nothing; everything is so still calm that I often hear my heartbeats. I look at my hands, shivering though; feel the skin a gentle touch on my face ignites a spark, where on earth I am going! And at the same time I wonder some years down the line where I am going to be?

Traveling on DTC buses on this humid hot Delhi’s summer when temperature is crossing 45 degree Celsius like anything as like a normal thing to happen, then walking and looking at all the bandit queens with over-sized sunglasses gives a sensation inside my heart. A sensation of loneliness, of being left out of the race and at the same time telling me that you chose this path of being like this so why regretting of your decision.

Alas! Decisions are prone to accident like this, it’s the heart who has to sync with decisions’ else everything around us will look so deserted, so out of life.

And they say broken hearts are hard to repair that too if that causes coz of your decisions! There are so many other factors too. If that soul who is experiencing the foreign land with new companion, would have taken me into consideration or would have understood me or at least would have communicated consulted with me before choosing to go away, life would have been so different for me now. Off course I would have let the soul go on and move ahead. But cruel that soul chose to travel in two boats thus as they say ‘one foot cannot stand on two boats’ life bubbled up and left herself to float with the flow. And lucky that soul got to the shore and walked out happily towards a new life with brand new partner.

But what about those boats who stood with that soul all throughout, in happy times, in tough times! But then Who cares!!

A Note to Myself VI

In a mid of year 2014; it’s exactly the same how it started the year. Recent salary hike isn’t doing any justice to the pathetic life style. You know what, last night my room flooded with the tap water, that too me being inside. I was sleeping like hell, couldn’t even realize the sound of running water. I think I too was happy being flooded just like my Jaan must have got flooded at the same time, that too in foreign land (it was suppose to be the first night).

With that; there is no going out, no exploration though the ideas keep coming in my head but couldn’t plan right now. I have become so fearful and deary of myself that I am not able to realize what’s going on!

Recently I read Jiah Khan’s mysterious last letter posted on internet, man! How deep her love was that her own life was nothing. That made me thinking and left me sad.

So the SBI exam is coming up this month, as usual I am in a no mood to give it a do or die fight however at the same hopeful to do well.

Also, having a tough battle with this foolish bureaucracy to give me an identity a driving license or a passport or anything. Pity is I pay taxes to the govt. and they need a proof that I am Indian citizen to get these.

After living almost half of this year, what I have gained? I ask myself and the answer is nothing! It has been a sleep, get ready travel to work to work for 10-11 hours, just to go back to bed sobbing abusing. Where was the wrong I ask, what could have been done and how on earth I have come way too far with myself alone that I find nobody, not a single soul to tell me how it was!! Was my instinct wrong or I trusted the wrong soul to depend? That soul has landed to the foreign land leaving me all alone! Why I am adding it up? Do I need to let it go but how? It is a hard thing to do and looks impossible as of now.

Having said that though I have lost all the reasons of hope but somehow I have to keep breathing. Who knows what the morning will bring! May be a new me with bring new changes to myself, maybe a new energy flow will come, the new mornings ray of hope will bring a tide to wipe off all the memories just to fill up fresh breathings. But the ultimate question is when and how?

Reading Season

I have just finished reading two books “Don’t Ask Any Old Bloke for Directions – by PG Tenzing” and “White Fang – by Jack London”. The former one is about a Motorbike touring across India, telling his travel tales mixed with how Indian govt. works. Jack is as usual in his finest imaginary swing and is a good read.

Next is “Call of the Wild – by Jack London”

A Note to Myself V

Does doing insane thing helps you to achieve something?

Last two weeks were full of experiments to find an answer of above. I find this true to the some extent, maybe there is nothing called absolute solution but sometime you need a slap on your face to regain the lost conscience. Even a sentence or a word can do that magic. Trust me on this! Intentionally I got that magic.

Here is how, I had one contact which I thought will understand, or at least will be the same what I left two and a half years ago; however, those firm and echoing words slapped very hard on my face saying like fuck off! Go get a life.  

And another one, as I have mentioned earlier, the facebook one! I came to know how unconvincing I am, how unexpressive I am, I couldn’t put my heart on words. Maybe it’s the uncertainty or an anjana talk it is, whatever it is, my heart doesn’t allows me to open up to strangers. Ultimately, I got those magic words slapping straight on my face.

So I have regained a bit of myself over these two weeks, however mornings are still full of weirdness and prays to hold her, see her, heard that lovely sleepy voice, to put my hand on face then crease falling hairs. Morning hours are just like this, mixed feelings of like end of the world, a free world. But when you already have touched the high point, below that bar is always dull of life.

Bike to Work.

Delhi’s temperature crossing 35 degree Celsius already and its going to be tough summer this time riding to work. It’s been two months and counting, not so regular though. Mornings are always better than nights, coz in my case no matter how hard I try to convince myself not to go cycling to work the previous night, but comes the next morning and I find myself ready to go to work in cycling attire.

And it’s fun to see kids racing with you, going ahead and you smile passing by when you hear “gear wali cycle to haraa dia“. It gives an immense pride and joy seeing the irritated car drivers, shouting truck drivers and over enthusiastic truck conductors. Everyone turns back to you some with amazed faces, some in funny faces, some making fool of themselves. But at the end of the day you get a big relief of being survived and in full piece.

So the blame game continued with the slipped one!, facebook linked to someone self proclaimed adventurous person. Initial talk looks scary but at the same time having someone unknown listening to your heart is always good or safe, ohh no it’s not safe, when you know that the watchful eyes are there too. However, the interesting thing is some other’s prediction, gets you to think, analyze what went wrong and more importantly thought process gets a new perspective. But then can unknown persons sorrow/joy be your adventure?

All my thoughts, adventures are on hold. Doing double shift, sleeping, biking can engage you on weekdays but what about weekends? Two days of doing nothing fills nothing inside the dirty mind and makes every second like a year.