“Mountains retained its favorite child”

“Challenge is what enthralls me and free spirit is what I exhibit. “Never Give Up, Never Give In!” is a phrase that works miracles for me. “Courage and Conviction” has been a way of expression of my self.” —  Malli Mastan Babu

Last night I was sleepless, my eyes were wide open as late as 2 am, the image of lifeless tent in Andes was alive in front of my eyes flashing like anything. My heart was desperately waiting for his soul to come and talk to me, though Mountains retained its favorite child, the mountaineer Malli Mastan Babu was quite awake in my head. He was my hero, without doubt. He conquered the final climb too. I pray and hope for peace, nothing more.


Medaram: Sammakka Saralamma Jatara

2014 Jatara dates were February 12 to 15. Its the kumbh mela of Telangana region, thousands of thousands people go there to take holy bath and make a wish. Sammakka Saralamma Jatara or Medaram Jatara begins at Medaram which is about 100 kms. from Warangal.

We started early in the 15th morning, a shared cab from home and train 17011 from Secunderabad Jn. to Kazipet, again a bus from there to Warangal.

Explored Warangal till evening 1700 hrs. and then a bus for 4 hrs. of journey to Medaram. Mela was almost closed, reached there by 2100 hrs. went straight to the temple area to find the shelter for the night. Looking and roaming around didn’t appealed much so decided to take bath, do the darshan and head back to Hyderabad.

Took bath at 2300 hrs. followed by darshan, at 0200 hrs. boarded a bus back to Warangal and from there bus to Hyderabad. At 0930 hrs. I was back to my dorm.

I was not ready for this trip halfheartedly but what you do when you get rejected by your loved one! All the time, every moment was dedicated to the past, things that I did wrong. Everybody visits God and asks for goodness but I was there to make fool of myself; no wish nothing came from inside, was just walking barefoot over the area full of coconut water and melted jaggery blocks. May be am being so stubborn or may be God knows what’s inside my heart or perhaps I don’t have anything to ask for or may be I’m too heartbroken to wish something.

Anyways here’s some snaps…


Whisper your wish to Nandi and feel good!!!! I didn’t though! @ Thousand Pillars temple.



@ Warangal fort..


At top air was blowing so beautifully, sat there for almost an hour and missed every part of past.

2014-02-16 00.07.43

@ the temple. guess what is that I’m standing at? yea! melted Jaggery it is..

2014-02-16 00.07.09

Open temple. Coconut and Jaggery blocks instead of flowers.!

A Morning Walk to Everest House Mussoorie

09th November 2013

Sun was resting and mother earth was still waiting to be enlightened by gold’ish sun- rays. Fresh morning cold breeze, on top of mountains, resting mighty Himalaya and doon valley disappearing somewhere, I was in Mussorie, Uttarakhand.

I wanted to experience morning run on hills so I was out before sunrise. Fully geared, walk on mall road was pleasant. Singing birds, lonely roads, gold’ish hills and doon valley lightening was so awesome that I didn’t realized I was at the end of mall road, at Gandhi chowk! Then I decided to have a walk till Mt. Everest House which was, as per google maps, 6 km away from here.

So took a right turn towards from Gandhi chowk, towards Kempty falls road. Crossed the LBSNAA (IAS training institute), early morning peoples were inside their beds, I could see the mountains top getting a color change, ringing bell at far temple. On the way near Company Bagh I found one shop open and purchased a water bottle and continued.

It was 0830 hrs when I crossed a cyclist coming on opposite direction at Everest point restaurant cum hotel. Till this point proper road is there. I continued to my right into the jungle area on a concrete path. At some distance I saw CRPF camp doing their morning routine, I kept my pace into the lonely peaceful jungle path.

At some point I lost the google maps pointer/arrow, it was pointing my location off route but I didn’t encounter any diversion on the way though, so continued ignoring google maps. Then I saw old stone marking my destination, Everest house and some local names, I continued happily.

Then there was a well and some workers were there, I asked for the route to Everest house.

I thought it will be a massive or something fort like place but what I saw there was a collapsed building, marked walls, some graffiti, declaration of love (as usual). In front of the house was a big lawn, a ground full of cow dung, some water. This was supposed to be a man’s house, who surveyed our entire cost-line and upon him; the highest Himalayan peak of the world was named Mount Everest. A little disappointed on that front but then thought this is India, this is who we are.

The view from there is awesome; I sat there for almost an hour to admire the doon valley one side, snowy Himalayan on the other and bushes around. Pleasant weather, it was like top of the world, flying!

I came back from other side of the road, which meets at Everest point restaurant, had tea-parantha lunch there. One mini-can ignition started, I asked the driver whether he would be going to Gandhi chowk, affirmative, I sat on the van. At drop he said whatever fare you wanna give, confused me saw 20 bucks note on my pocket and handed it over.

Later, I went to Woodstock School to collect my bib for next day’s race and saw the same cyclist distributing the bibs. Steve, a nice energetic man, organizer of the race handed me over the bibs, described the route and I found that it was the same route I walked today morning!

Evening was at the mall road, sitting on the road side bench, reading ‘Life of Pie’, enjoying sunset, happy people walking here n there, vendor’s selling local food items, and photographer’s approaching to every couple “sir, one pics. See, just like this. Will give you print in 2 minutes”.

Mussoorie Trip & Mussoorie Half Marathon 2013

Race Day – 10th November 2013

7 Nov -10 Nov 2013.

7th Nov – Leave Delhi via Bus (2300hrs)

8th Nov – Reach Mussoorie (0700hrs), Book hotel (YHAI; Hotel Deep), Mall road, Gun hill, Kempty Falls.

9th Nov – George Everest house, Bib collection from Wookstock School, Lal Tibba.

10th Nov – Race day (0730hrs), Rest at Mall road reading ‘Life of Pi’, Mussoorie exp. from Dehradun 3A RAC.


2013-11-09 12.12.46

Steve: the man

Vizag – Araku Valley trip: Part- II Vizag, RK Beach, Kailasagiri

Part [0] [1] [2]

Open pouring sky, blowing fresh air, morning was much better than regular. It was Vizag railway station platform. After morning routine and tea, headed towards the RTC complex in search of AP tourism office. AP tourism organises various tours in and around the city, I was planning one day vizag tour, the heritage tour.

The office was open but due to strike all the tours were cancelled for a week. What now! The city is too big to walk and pocket? Too light… So walked across..

2013-09-02 11.49.49

RK Beach..


RK Beach, no don’t like Goa!


That’s what happens when you go around without shoes..


On the way to Kailasagiri peak..


Thank You!


That’s how it looks from up..


Hollywood is here..


A train does the 5 km round of the peak.


The ticket, costs 50 bucks for non a/c.


Inside the train.


Evening comes and Vizag shines…

Vizag – Araku Valley trip

Part [0] [1] [2]

Got extended weekend this time, due to holiday on Monday 2nd, so was all set to visit Tirupati Temple but previous days newspaper was full with AP strike. Plan changed to Araku Valley – Vizag (Vishakhapatnam) trip. I thought Vizag was part of Telangana, a friend of mine confirmed otherwise. That came after the train booking, so without much thinking headed towards this beautiful valley.

Itinerary became something like this –

Date – 31-08-2013 to 03-09-2013.

Hyderabad to Vizag – 3A, WL8. Train# 12704, Departure 14:00, Arrival 03:30. {waiting didn’t clear, struck at WL2, later took a general boggy ticket for same train}

Vizag to Araku – D1, 91. Train# 58501, Departure 06:50, Arrival 10:30. {Its a passenger & only train on that route}

Araku to Borra Caves – Unreserved. Local taxi/bus. {caves are 35 km before Araku, near Borra Guhalu railway station}

Borra Caves to Vizag – Unreserved. Train# 58501, Departure 16:30, Arrival 21:30. {Sunday night}

Vizag Local – AP tourism one day Heritage tour, Departure 09:00, Arrival 05:00. {AP tourism office too was on strike, visited RK beach, Kailashagiri hills} {Entire Monday}

Vizag to Hyderabad – 3A, WL8. Train# 11020, Departure 22:45, Arrival 11:55. {Lucky this time, confirmed B3, 47}

Though AP ruining herself with a lot of strikes, traffic jams. but thought worth a visit.


@ kailasagiri Hills….

Discovering Myself

Office talks and this term came up ’discovering myself’. Office-mates were pretty much sure that I am goanna come up with a book titled like this.

Anyways, after quitting the job I am going to travel around and discovering what is the purpose of this life? why do we live? what nature is all about?

So plan is something like this –

June end journey starts. Delhi/Shimla

July –  Cycling to Leh via Shimla, Kaza, Keylong, Sarchu. Run 21K at Diskit.

August – Continue cycling to Pangong tso, Chusul, Tso moriri, back to Leh and then towards Srinagar. Back to Delhi. Start trekking to Gomukh in Uttarakhand.

September – Gomukh, Badrinath, Bageshwar, Nanda Raj Jaat yatra, return to Joshimath via Kuari Pass.

October – Delhi.

Apart from travelling I have kept 100 Rs. as daily expenses during cycling. And during trekking 200 Rs. as daily expense. Night stay will be on own tent.

A lot has to be done before that. Miles to go before I sleep. Smile


EDIT – got an offer that I couldn’t refuse!!!!! postponing this epic to next season.


Land Of Gods–India

India, known for its beauty, holiness, pilgrimage centres throughout, is indeed a Dev Bhumi. Some of the places, may be due to their religious importance or me being an Indian a Hindu, or an adventurous me, are must visit and I plans to go someday.

Chhota Char Dham – Kedarnath | Badrinath | Yamunotri | Gangotri |

Char Dham –  Badrinath | Dwarka  | Puri | Rameswaram |

Panch Kedar – Kedarnath | Tungnath | Rudranath | Madhyamaheshwar | Kalpeshwar |

Panch Prayag – Vishnu Prayag | Nand Prayag | Karn Prayag | Rudra Prayag | Dev Prayag |

Sapta Badri – Vishal Badri (Badrinath) | Yogdhyan Badri | Bhavishya Badri | Vridha Badri | Adi Badri |                     Dhyan Badri | Ardha Badri |

Jyotirlinga – Somnath | Mallikarjuna | Mahakaleshwar | Omkareshwar | Kedarnath | Bhimashankar |                   Kashi Vishwanath | Trimbakeshwar | Vaidyanath, Parli Vaijnath | Nageshvara, Aundha Nagnath |  Rameshwar | Grishneshwar |

The following sanskrit sloka describes about the 12 Jyotirlingas –

सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च श्रीशैले मल्लिकार्जुनम्। उज्जयिन्यां महाकालमोङ्कारममलेश्वरम्॥

परल्यां वैद्यनाथं च डाकिन्यां भीमशङ्करम्। सेतुबन्धे तु रामेशं नागेशं दारुकावने॥

वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशं त्र्यम्बकं गौतमीतटे। हिमालये तु केदारं घुश्मेशं च शिवालये॥

एतानि ज्योतिर्लिङ्गानि सायं प्रातः पठेन्नरः। सप्तजन्मकृतं पापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति॥

एतेशां दर्शनादेव पातकं नैव तिष्ठति। कर्मक्षयो भवेत्तस्य यस्य तुष्टो महेश्वराः॥:

द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्तोत्रम्.

Ashtavinayaka – Moreshwar | Siddhivinayak | Ballaleshwar | Varadavinayak | Chintamani | Girijatmaj | Vighnahar |                         Mahaganapati |

Pancharama Kshetras – Amararama | Draksharama | Somarama | Ksheerarama | Kumararama |

Kumbh Mela – Allahabad | Haridwar | Nashik | Ujjain |

Shakti Peethas – Kalighat | Kamakhya | Vaishnodevi |

Jai Bhole – Manimahesh | Shrikhand Mahadev | Amarnath | Kailash Mansarovar | Adi Kailash |