Epic Bike Trip – North by Northeast

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Its been a year; more than a year actually, but as they say ‘better late than never’ so publishing the travelogue here now.

It took about a year of planning this tour. It was one big plan but there were hell lot of changes in route like cut short the trip by 2 months, returned from Guwahati by train etc. etc.

Planning phase –

Tracing the foot of Himalayas was a long dream; this circuit was due for a long long time.
Planning took almost a year, reading logs, blogs and checking google maps, making notes on kms to be done per day, staying options etc. etc. In Feb informed office and July 1st was set to freak-out.

List —
Bike ‘The X’
Racks 2 (front & back)
Computer 1
Bottle cage 2
Lock 2
Helmet 1

Set of rear panniers
Handlebar bag
Rear underseat bag
Plastic bag 3

Tools & Spare
Allen key set 1
Tubes 4
Puncture Kit 1
Pump 1
Tape 1
Gear Cable 1
Brake Cable 1
Stiching Kit 1
Plastic Ziplock Bags 10
Chain lube 1
Small knife 1
Spare tyre 1
Front light 2

Sleeping Bag 1
Tent (2 Person) 1

Riding shorts 3
Shorts 1
Lowers 2
T shirts (Half sleeves) 5
Shirts 1
Arm Warmer
Waterproof Jacket 2
Waterproof Lower 1
Socks Pairs 2
Under Garments 3
Towel 1
Shoes 1 Pair
Sandals 1 pair
Warm Jacket 1
Hat 1
Hand Gloves Full 1
Goggles 1
Spare glasses 1

Gopro camera
Camera Olympus
Camera & Phone Charger
Cellphone 2
Solar Charger 1

Bandage 5
Volini 1

Misc. Items
Toothbrush 1
Toothpaste 1
Comb 2
Compass 1
Voter ID card
Photocopies of ID & permits
Books 3
Pen 2
Notebook 1

The Man –

The Man

The Machine & The Material

The Machine. Surly Cross Check; I named it “The X”

The Plan – Part1

Route Map- part 1. This idea of mapping came from http://ultralightcycling.blogspot.in
Route Map- part 2. Thanks to http://ultralightcycling.blogspot.in for the valuable inputs on light bicycle touring.

The Plan – Flip side

Year 2014 it was!!

Last day of 2014, and it’s time to look back to analyze the 365 days that just gone in a flash; the memory of year starting is so fresh inside, it’s like yesterday; literally so frustrating the starting was: the ending too is no more better. 2014 bought a new perspective, a different dimension in my thinking, in my way of life.

Didn’t do much travelling, unlike last year; however managed to slip myself on Medaram: Sammakka Saralamma Jatara and then Trip report – Hyderabad – Ooty trip, celebrated my birthday on Bus Trip: Shimla – Reckong Peo, a short trip to north-east was the last trip.

Coming to the run; finished Guwahati Half on 31st Aug 2014 and CRPF Half Marathon 2014 in high pain and desperation, apart from that no major cycling trip or anything like that.

And in that depressed phase said Bye bye Facebook after humiliating 4-5 months of chat with a bastard, whom I still curse, you will not have a good life; that’s only thing I ask from the fucking God!

One fine day my Laptop gone. One bloody broke into the house, twice, and took away everything of mine, leaving this motionless body that I am still carrying around to make fool of myself.

What expectation I have for New Year, you ask? Well; for be frank, I have no fucking idea. Let the year to come – will face you face to face dear year 2015, aa to sahii..

Bye bye Facebook

It’s raining outside, heavily and am thinking how to go outside to have my lunch. And I see a crowd has gathered near the entrance porch area, enjoying cool breeze from fresh rain, smoking cigarettes. It’s like that’s the way to do it, not like I do fucking go crazy soaking completely in rain.

Anyways, so I had to do it and I did it finally. No Facebook from now! I pasted couple of things here that I posted on my timeline before deleting.

What else? Yes, I have finished the book “Gone Girl” kept me glued and suspense ended with the book, pretty nice plot and narration. Now I have again picked up (it was half finished) the “City of Djjins” about the past of Delhi. Will-Yums (William) exploitation of dark corners of old Delhi ruins.

And the first draft of route is ready. Work is in progress on day to day stuff like elevation gains, expenses etc. Hope I can keep up on things this time.

Miss you already

Lunch was as usual, nothing new. I enter the second floor office keeping my smart phone inside locker, (pretty stupid company of ours, I know), swipe my card at the gate and flaps spread wide open like thighs opens up to make out. Taking a cup full of hot water from cafeteria I head to my workstation where I have kept small packet of Darjeeling tea bags, pour some sugar and the tea bag dipped into it I go to the window glass pane from where I can see Hyundai care workers shining some fancy cars, wearing all red, working making hand gesturing, talking I guess and I wonder I will be missing all this very soon.

Well, the thing is; something big is coming on my way, next year I think. Initial plans so shhhh.. let’s keep it secret for a moment.

Then, now, I am headed to my workstation and open the desktop window. The first thing is to turn on some music on jango.com, songs runs ‘sweet disposition’ and it makes my heart more wracking like this is it, this will be gone very soon. I already miss you. Miss everything you did for me and hopeless I am, can’t even hold your hand and say let’s get out of this all together. This ego of mine!

I wanna say a lot of things to you, more than ever. Every day I wake up uttering love you a thousand times, prepare dry fruits food items for you (that’s only thing I have as you already know it), filling water bottle carefully so that no dirt gathers around and then you! I think of you; imagine your face full of disgust seeing me, scared eyes looking all around as you made crime being with me, I put everything on bag and rush out as I wanna get out of the room as soon as possible. I can’t see you anymore; I want to but don’t want to.

Wish me luck on this new venture of mine (future would be venture) and hope this will some better.

Year 2013 It Was!

A new calendar has started. Its time to set new goals plans and at the same time before jumping ahead, lets go back to see how was it to ride with year 2013. Certainly the year was full of action.

In terms of running; Delhi Half was the best one, also ran Hyderabad half & Mussoorie half, Missed the Ladakh run.

Witnessed the Asian Cycling championship at Velodrome and Budh Circuit. With my new cross check came in; I had to let go to my first bike Schwinn. In this bike I did day long Bidar trip, Mathura-Vrindavan, and 4 days long Jaipur-Jodhpur trip. Independence day ride was awesome.  I started biking to work at end of the year.

2013-03-09 16.54.21This beauty was shining alone at Indira gandhi indoor stadium.

Left Infy in Jan and then started second inning at my current organization. Then came some nawabi moments at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad gave a new perspective to exploration. Hence visited nearby mystic Jog falls, Srisailam, Hampi, Vizag – Araku Valley, Borra Caves.

2013-07-14 15.05.18 The great show..

Mussoorie mall road walk was a unique experience; angrez were remembered for the banner ‘Indians and dogs are not allowed’. St George House location was wonderful.

If I need to pick, certainly Jaipur-Jodhpur trip was best, after that Jog falls trip was memorable.

With a hope of new journeys & exploration, may this year 2014 give everybody a joy-blast. A wonder-full trekk-full snow-full happy new year 2014.

New year resolutions list is ready. Smile

Hyderabad – Ooty Train Trip Itinerary

Itinerary for the weekend trip to Ooty.

Date – 17-01-2014 to 21-01-2014.

Hi-tech to Secunderabad – MMTS local, Train# 47194, Departure 21:58, Arrival 22:27

Secunderabad to Vijayawada – WL4. Train# 17232, Departure 23:30, Arrival 05:35.

Vijayawada to Chennai Central – 2S, D4/72. Train# 12711, Departure 06:00, Arrival 13:00.

Chennai Central to Metupalaiyam – WL40. Train# 12671, Departure 21:15, Arrival 06:15.

Metupalaiyam to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) – WL45. Train# 56136, Departure 07:10, Arrival 12:00.

Udhagamandalam (Ooty) to Bangalore – Via Bus. Unreserved, Night travel.

Bangalore to Hyderabad – Undecided, confused soul.


17th Jan – Starting day

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
11 SC SECUNDERABAD JN 23:10 23:30
20 BZA VIJAYAWADA JN 05:35 05:50

18th Jan – Todays target is to reach Chennai and have beer with a friend.

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
1 BZA VIJAYAWADA JN Source 06:00
13 MAS CHENNAI CENTRAL 13:00 Destination

18th Evening –

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
9 MTP METUPALAIYAM 06:15 Destination

19th Jan – The heritage journey begins…

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
8 UAM UDAGAMANDALAM 12:00 Destination

19th Jan After-noon’s – Ooty visit & exploration.

Return journey starts via Bangalore…

Jai Bhole!!

Itinerary: Delhi Jaipur Jodhpur Cycling

28 November 2013 – 1 December 2013

Total distance cycle: 484 km

Route: Kashmiri Gate (Delhi) – Jaipur – Sirsi road – Kanakpura – Mundraya ramsar – Fatehpur – Boraj – Hirnoda – Phulera – Sambhar Lake (84 km) – Naraina – MDR85 – (left) – Rupangarh – MDR85 – (left) – Kucheel – Babayacha – Chachiyawas – Pushkar bypass road – (right) – Hokaran – Kanas – Badi Basti – Pushkar Lake (117 km) – Ganakanda – (left) – Chawandiya – Nand – Govindgarh – MDR39 – (right) – (left 30km) – Kurki – Bhumbaliya – Lambia – Merta road – (right 15km) – Baloonda – Kharadi – (left) – Ransi gaon – Khajerla (155km) – Piparacity- Sindhipura – (left) – Chodha – Dangiyawas – Bypass road – Jodhpur (90km) – ISBT Delhi.


Delhi – Jaipur: by bus (Wednesday night 27th)

Phulera/Sambhar – 70 km (Thursday 28th)

Pushkar – 117 km (Friday 29th)

Khejarla – 155 km (Saturday 30th)

Jodhpur – 90 km (Sunday 1st)


Vizag – Araku Valley trip

Part [0] [1] [2]

Got extended weekend this time, due to holiday on Monday 2nd, so was all set to visit Tirupati Temple but previous days newspaper was full with AP strike. Plan changed to Araku Valley – Vizag (Vishakhapatnam) trip. I thought Vizag was part of Telangana, a friend of mine confirmed otherwise. That came after the train booking, so without much thinking headed towards this beautiful valley.

Itinerary became something like this –

Date – 31-08-2013 to 03-09-2013.

Hyderabad to Vizag – 3A, WL8. Train# 12704, Departure 14:00, Arrival 03:30. {waiting didn’t clear, struck at WL2, later took a general boggy ticket for same train}

Vizag to Araku – D1, 91. Train# 58501, Departure 06:50, Arrival 10:30. {Its a passenger & only train on that route}

Araku to Borra Caves – Unreserved. Local taxi/bus. {caves are 35 km before Araku, near Borra Guhalu railway station}

Borra Caves to Vizag – Unreserved. Train# 58501, Departure 16:30, Arrival 21:30. {Sunday night}

Vizag Local – AP tourism one day Heritage tour, Departure 09:00, Arrival 05:00. {AP tourism office too was on strike, visited RK beach, Kailashagiri hills} {Entire Monday}

Vizag to Hyderabad – 3A, WL8. Train# 11020, Departure 22:45, Arrival 11:55. {Lucky this time, confirmed B3, 47}

Though AP ruining herself with a lot of strikes, traffic jams. but thought worth a visit.


@ kailasagiri Hills….

Monsoon Magic–Jog Falls Planning.

Itinerary for the weekend trip to Jog Falls.

Date – 09-08-2013 to 12-08-2013.

Hyderabad to Hubli – S2, 22. Train# 17003, Departure 23:10, Arrival 13:35.

Hubli to Birur – S1, 12. Train# 17314, Departure 20:25, Arrival 00:04.

Birur to Talguppa – Unreserved. Train# 07301 or 16227, Departure 03:25, Arrival 07:15.

Talguppa to Jog Falls n Back – Via Bus. Unreserved.

Talguppa to Shimoga Town – D1, 60. Train# 16205, Departure 14:20, Arrival 16:35.

Shimoga to Hyderabad – Via Bus. 40, Departure 18:11, Arrival 07:00.

Jai Bhole!!

EDIT – Trip concluded. report & pics here.