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Just landed two books – Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

I am going to start with Invisible Cities first and the other one is to gift but before I do that I wanted to have a look at the book, just flipping around some pages would suffice I guess.

If you ask, what was tempting to buy these books, well, I watched the famous TED talk of this lady and wanted to have that on print. And for the Invisible, again, I read somewhere the last lines of the book and thought to go for the journey as well.

Hyderabad Days.

Well, its more than a month in city of nawab now. The weather is nice and Indradev is smiling all the way from the day one of our arrival in Hyderabad.

No doubt, this city has so much to offer. After all it has such a great legacy- rulers, kingdom, heritages, pearls and much more. Over the weeks have seen the Charminar, Chaumahalla place, Hussain Sagar, Birla mandir, monda market, mmts ride, paradise biryani, Durgam Cheruvu and best of it I got my sweet ride, in which already have done over century during Bidar trip.

Mornings are beautiful, specially during the morning rides. The feel of chilled breeze passing through hair is amazing.

There is more to explore and I hope to get some exciting memories of this city.


Nizam’s palace. (Chaumahalla)


Hussain Sagar.


Museum collections… Not me!!!

2013-07-20 12.37.16

And my sweet ride being assembled @ the bike affair

2nd stint… 2nd day

Thanks God! its Monday……. Well it was really a good Monday yesterday, the 1st day of 2nd stint, everything was too calm to discuss even. 3 and half days days induction has started today, and its pretty much the same across the world I guess. And travelling plans are coming up too, lets wait and watch, exciting.

But sad part is – my ladakh dream is going to crash, very very sad. May God have some mercy on me, on my dream…. amen..

End of 5 yrs. bond with Infy

I joined on 12th Nov 2007 and after a long relationship, this is the day now. It comes in everyone’s life to realize that this is it, can’t go further. And I think I have done my bit with Infy.

On what ground I am resigning? I don’t know either. You see, this is my peak time, I’m just to get new things but my heart is not accepting anything with this organisation. May be some day I will.

On 21st Jan 2013 I will say good bye to everyone and hope a better new life, better opportunities. Thanks Infy,