North by Northeast ‘14 – Hurling To Chitkul’

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Hurling HPPWD – Pooh – Sangla – Chitkul

Distance this period: 237.68 km Total Distance: 2439.77 km

Pooh – 86.69 km
Sangla – 92.80 km
Chitkul – 24.40 km

Missed the route towards Gue, the mummy place. its 8 kms off the main road. Had tea samosa jalebi at Sumdo. Sumdo is the place where foreigners need to show ILP, can get it from Kaza. I just registered myself. Sumdo is just an army transit place no staying option. Here you cross the Spiti river, now it was flowing on my left side. Road widening work in progress. Easy climb of 13 kms before Nako. Lunch. Lovely downhill till the bridge where Spiti river meets ugly mighty Sutlej river. Namgia, you can take a turn towards ShipkiLa, doors to the China Land. thought of going up but heavy headwind + late. Made it to Pooh by 7 pm. 3 kms up from main road, found a hotel (Om Hotel).

Total KM – 86.69 km
Total expense – 400/- rs.
Approx time – 9.30 hrs.

Now that I was in lowland and going pretty much downhill. Good road mixed with some bad stretches. After Spillow, by the roadside saw a workers camp, made me kind of sick seeing the work condition. At Akpa police check point (ILP check point) again needed to show I was indian, not a foreigner. Moved on, lunch at Pawai, nice rajma rice. Then there’s a cut to Recong Peo, I kept straight. Karcham Dam. Took left turn towards Chitkul. 13 km brutal climb to Sangla, some really good gradient. 4 km before Sangla is Kuppa, saw some guest houses. Baspa is the name of river that I was following now. Found a hotel in Sangla for rs. 300/-

Total KM – 92.80 km
Total expense – 610/- rs.
Approx time – 9.11 hrs.

Started as late at 11 a.m. had nice tea pakora at Rakcham, a lovely charming place filled with greenery all around. Then there’s a ITBP check point at Mastarang, 8 km before Chitkul. Saw a sign of last indian dhaba there, although there is being build beyond Chitkul, 21 kms to Dumpti, very close to the China border, a worker tells me. I booked a room at Chitkul.

Total KM – 24.40 km
Total expense – 600/- rs.
Approx time – 3.50 hrs.

Life inside a tent.
Following the river, a bumpy road
One wrong step and you go swimming in furious current
Sumdo, an army canteen
Tea, Samosa Jalebi… Sumdo
Some snacks time on the road
Some snacks time on the road
A place of faith, worship and hope.
A quite place of faith, and hope
Road sign. Flood has ruined the road going alongside the river, so is the climb
Some show offs
The road.... speechless efforts. headwind was so strong
Road was lovely, so heavy was the wind
Thumb rule on the road.. wherever you see water, clean yourself.. filled yourself.. pack some for the day
Thumb rule of the road.. you see water, freshen yourself and stock up
Dangerous road..
Some marvelous job on the road
Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley
Jungle all the way...
Jungle all the way
Chitkul.. Thought of staying here for a longer duration, but didn't feel much.
Chitkul Finally, Thought of some rest days

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