North by Northeast ‘6 – Rest day at Leh’

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Distance this period: 0.00 km Total Distance: 1507.40 km

Leh – 0 km (rest of 2 days)

I kept going up from the airport; the climb was killing me because of tiredness. I gave up riding and started pushing. Met Jai and followed him to ‘Gomang guest house’, got a room for 400 bucks.

At the junction, there is a big gate kind of thing welcoming us to the city called Leh. From there, left road goes to the main market beyond that all guest houses hotels are located. Right side road goes to the Top – KardungLa and beyond. The middle road takes you to DC office, where I applied for inner line permit and got it in like in an hour, total fee paid 400 inr.

Inner line permit only required if you going beyond Pangong Lake. You need to clearly mention the route, so basically you need to write MarsimikLa, Merak, Chushul, Tsaga, Hanle. This is for Indian citizens; foreigners are not allowed to visit these places.

Check points – Tangtse, Merak, Chusul, Tsaga village, Loma bend, Nyoma. So you need 6 copies of the permit. But keep some more for emergency or if army asks for it.
Oh! Yes, no idea of MarsimikLa as that was not in my route.

It was nice to be at Leh.

Leh and surrounding hills.

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