North by Northeast ‘4 – Rest day at Sonmarg’

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Distance this period: 0.00 km Total Distance: 1152.74 km

Sonmarg – 0 km (forced rest of 2 days)

I was enjoying watching tv after a long time while it rained outside. I checked-out pretty early in the morning and to my surprise a barrier was put up there by police; no vehicle was allowed to pass. Damn! What to do now? I was out of the hotel already; roads were blocked from both the sides and there was no estimate of clearance!

I locked The X near a chicken shop and walked some 2 km to check out the landslide; sure enough it was massive. Yatris were struck too. Army came to our rescue; they put up some tents for stay and arranged food.

Hotel prices went rocketed high; the room I was staying previous night for 500 bucks was already booked for 1500 today. A perfect business opportunity.

Police was no help, Army allowed to camp the other side.

This is what landslide looked like. continous rain and slush made it impossible to even walk.


So i joined the queue for food. offered by army.


Army came as a big help, camped there for two beautiful nights.


Beautiful Sonmarg.


And the evening was lovely.


Then I was surrounded by lots of trucks and drivers and their horrible stories


Last day @Sonmarg it was beautiful stay of 2 days farewell shot from my camp.

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