Diwali it is..

Happy Diwali everyone.

On this day of lightning, fire crackers, celebrations, gifting sweets cloths and putting on best attire of our wardrobes, this day definitely brings something to every one’s life. No matter what the cause is; may be for someone Lord Ram came home after a long exile fighting the evil, bringing peace to the masses or may be for someone Pandavas came home after 12 years of exile or may be some Goddess appeared from the ocean during the Sagar Manthan who on this day went on merrying some Lord Shiva etc etc.. As many myths/believes/reasons to celebrate the day for so many religious communities we have around us. But one thing is common; atleast for a day everybody cleans the surroundings’ lights up every corner of living place distribute sweets amongst the loved ones and more importantly a feeling of love inside every heart pops up on this day.

So, whatever your believes are celebrate this day, open up your arms for a hug and say I love you! May be gift something to your loved ones. Remember; we need reasons to do something and this day gives us the opportunity.

-With Love


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