Bye bye Facebook

It’s raining outside, heavily and am thinking how to go outside to have my lunch. And I see a crowd has gathered near the entrance porch area, enjoying cool breeze from fresh rain, smoking cigarettes. It’s like that’s the way to do it, not like I do fucking go crazy soaking completely in rain.

Anyways, so I had to do it and I did it finally. No Facebook from now! I pasted couple of things here that I posted on my timeline before deleting.

What else? Yes, I have finished the book “Gone Girl” kept me glued and suspense ended with the book, pretty nice plot and narration. Now I have again picked up (it was half finished) the “City of Djjins” about the past of Delhi. Will-Yums (William) exploitation of dark corners of old Delhi ruins.

And the first draft of route is ready. Work is in progress on day to day stuff like elevation gains, expenses etc. Hope I can keep up on things this time.


3 thoughts on “Bye bye Facebook

  1. I am so proud of you for deleting your Facebook. You are a strong person. Im trying to ween myself off of it and them delete it.

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