No wonder if love takes you higher
Heart gonna rave to make the day brighter
Either it’s only a happily thereafter
Or fire of fretful rush to grave down under!!


Those yours big ‘need you sparkling eyes
Saying you must be doing something right
When holding ‘would be betraying hand
Caressing, walking around.
Eager I am; to be known
What happened there in the town!

This son of a bitch,
He talks and takes me there
But leaves me halfway along the shore
Wondering I am; seeker but alone
My promises to him hold me tight
Intuitions my vibes says you did right

The things that I don’t have hold on
I heard she has moved on
And pearls of your eyes have drawn
That makes me miserable all the way down
What happened there in the town!

Hypocrite he is, a liar
Says telling me all but the half truth
But me thinks his ‘topic s phony
Snaps he sent looks me too shabby
Let me garner more; you just hang on

Don’t howl my friend, welcome the dawn
Obliterate whatever happened there in the town!!!


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