Disc & Thoughts

And I see these ‘flower like soft hands
Painted coloured carefully at the ends
Sensational they move n move and invites
Eject me wonder don’t wanna go bends!

And this lazy fella around the edges
Bewitching yet hesitant stares of crooked smiles
Am gonna go furious and he sounds knave
Glimpses of eternity his finger searches curves

Have I found the rhythm? That vigor; he asked
Sparking eyes his points a direction and I noted
‘That shit ain’t cheap but have no holds on’
He resigns saying has lived, have I got hooked?

The night blossoming lazily to adolescence
Achieved dreams and poped-up vogue for some
Past midnight it is; no wagon to carry this body home
Why so thirsty to get drenched of ownhood makes sense

But I see the painted soft flower like hands
Moving body lets shut eyelashes and I touch mine
Eyes sees you, feels your breath caressing my spine
Eject me wakes up as don’t wanna go bends!!


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