Bye bye Facebook

It’s raining outside, heavily and am thinking how to go outside to have my lunch. And I see a crowd has gathered near the entrance porch area, enjoying cool breeze from fresh rain, smoking cigarettes. It’s like that’s the way to do it, not like I do fucking go crazy soaking completely in rain.

Anyways, so I had to do it and I did it finally. No Facebook from now! I pasted couple of things here that I posted on my timeline before deleting.

What else? Yes, I have finished the book “Gone Girl” kept me glued and suspense ended with the book, pretty nice plot and narration. Now I have again picked up (it was half finished) the “City of Djjins” about the past of Delhi. Will-Yums (William) exploitation of dark corners of old Delhi ruins.

And the first draft of route is ready. Work is in progress on day to day stuff like elevation gains, expenses etc. Hope I can keep up on things this time.

Big Eyes of Yours!!

When I close mine I see your big eyes
I shut myself where the darkness lies
I see you brighter closure than ever
Melody in my veins n my heart flies

Knock and a strange soul at the door
Witty fool flirts me on the floor
Prying! hoping to fill my empty core
Daydream? an Angel from the skies!

Her words are soft voice dries
No! my dear friend! no more cry
Just close your eyes
And let the water take you high

Vanishes then; no goodbyes
Furious me! riding on empty roads
I heard strange voices
‘Hey man! Nice bike there’ one cries

I lift my head, see men in lorries
‘Cum’on peddle before your spirit dies’
Thinking me is it? but faking smiles
Push up, only to see your big eyes.

She said: Life is Beautiful

A moment
Here this glittering lightning night
Praying amnesia; yet holding tight

Open skies green grass
Laying vexed flipping past

A courage to ask for
A dream to chase for


Never let anyone say
– Life is beautiful



No wonder if love takes you higher
Heart gonna rave to make the day brighter
Either it’s only a happily thereafter
Or fire of fretful rush to grave down under!!


Those yours big ‘need you sparkling eyes
Saying you must be doing something right
When holding ‘would be betraying hand
Caressing, walking around.
Eager I am; to be known
What happened there in the town!

This son of a bitch,
He talks and takes me there
But leaves me halfway along the shore
Wondering I am; seeker but alone
My promises to him hold me tight
Intuitions my vibes says you did right

The things that I don’t have hold on
I heard she has moved on
And pearls of your eyes have drawn
That makes me miserable all the way down
What happened there in the town!

Hypocrite he is, a liar
Says telling me all but the half truth
But me thinks his ‘topic s phony
Snaps he sent looks me too shabby
Let me garner more; you just hang on

Don’t howl my friend, welcome the dawn
Obliterate whatever happened there in the town!!!

Disc & Thoughts

And I see these ‘flower like soft hands
Painted coloured carefully at the ends
Sensational they move n move and invites
Eject me wonder don’t wanna go bends!

And this lazy fella around the edges
Bewitching yet hesitant stares of crooked smiles
Am gonna go furious and he sounds knave
Glimpses of eternity his finger searches curves

Have I found the rhythm? That vigor; he asked
Sparking eyes his points a direction and I noted
‘That shit ain’t cheap but have no holds on’
He resigns saying has lived, have I got hooked?

The night blossoming lazily to adolescence
Achieved dreams and poped-up vogue for some
Past midnight it is; no wagon to carry this body home
Why so thirsty to get drenched of ownhood makes sense

But I see the painted soft flower like hands
Moving body lets shut eyelashes and I touch mine
Eyes sees you, feels your breath caressing my spine
Eject me wakes up as don’t wanna go bends!!

My heaven!

No matter how far I go
Feelings don’t feel like a magic one,
Beauty of whole world comes to
At a place to please to have fun,
I don’t see nothing how high how low
The only thing I remember I know
Nowhere but in your arms is my heaven!!!

Miss you already

Lunch was as usual, nothing new. I enter the second floor office keeping my smart phone inside locker, (pretty stupid company of ours, I know), swipe my card at the gate and flaps spread wide open like thighs opens up to make out. Taking a cup full of hot water from cafeteria I head to my workstation where I have kept small packet of Darjeeling tea bags, pour some sugar and the tea bag dipped into it I go to the window glass pane from where I can see Hyundai care workers shining some fancy cars, wearing all red, working making hand gesturing, talking I guess and I wonder I will be missing all this very soon.

Well, the thing is; something big is coming on my way, next year I think. Initial plans so shhhh.. let’s keep it secret for a moment.

Then, now, I am headed to my workstation and open the desktop window. The first thing is to turn on some music on, songs runs ‘sweet disposition’ and it makes my heart more wracking like this is it, this will be gone very soon. I already miss you. Miss everything you did for me and hopeless I am, can’t even hold your hand and say let’s get out of this all together. This ego of mine!

I wanna say a lot of things to you, more than ever. Every day I wake up uttering love you a thousand times, prepare dry fruits food items for you (that’s only thing I have as you already know it), filling water bottle carefully so that no dirt gathers around and then you! I think of you; imagine your face full of disgust seeing me, scared eyes looking all around as you made crime being with me, I put everything on bag and rush out as I wanna get out of the room as soon as possible. I can’t see you anymore; I want to but don’t want to.

Wish me luck on this new venture of mine (future would be venture) and hope this will some better.