A Note to Myself IV

It’s been long since I wrote here. So thing is I have been busy in nowhere but myself. I was looking for a solution for all the miserable life I am living, haven’t found anything, however, one thing got cleared that all these years I was wrong! I was looking for life in materialistic things or in nature but found that it is human relations where life is!!

But it’s too late now. I can’t get what I have lost during this journey. I am just like a newly born child whose parents left him at the footpath. I need a shelter, a home, a pure hand whose fingers I can hold and can say Thank you! But life is not what we think; it’s a continuous process of moving ahead. Here no one waits for nobody, everyone climbing up putting foot on another head.

So the thing is; I was wrong and realization came late. Now I am all alone, back to the times where I started.

But one thing I got; a new feeling, a new heart, new times, new thinking, wet eyes and above all, a feeling of love; which I waited for a long-long time.

And this life is for you now. xoxo


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