Some random thoughts II

February month has always been a different month altogether since I know it. Last year too I wrote something which came randomly in my thoughts. This is a lazy month I guess; where we do revise ourselves and plan for which lies ahead.

I believed myself as a dreamer, a lonely but go getter fellow and now I see myself going with the flow of life with no desire ambitions, its like water flowing along the tough mountains.

Or may be this month is a beginning of achieving THAT moment and who gets through this phase achieves good in life; at the same time who gets struck, like me, keeps complaining again n again about everything.

The real joy is to fight through not to just get carried away with the flow.

And I got carried away with the flow, that flow was a short moment of joy and what lies ahead now is a barren uninterested field; still I am now, no force around. Foolishness has no joy.

Perhaps dreams are for those who are willing to accept the joy of flow with foresight in mind, a courage to accept the outcome.

And its not for me who is sitting in office on this beautiful Saturday, working still thinking a way out of everything, why way out coz never acted, never will. This bloody siren is going in my head now, I should go out now.


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