A Note to Myself III

So I was passing through the iconic Cyber tower building and was having a conversion with myself involving three of us (hell! No it’s not a love triangle thing). The thing is we all sounded sad, deep breathing pounding heart and then one thing came in mind that it’s all in destiny! We all are destined to do certain thing, even if we don’t accept it; we don’t deny as well. As the Mum said ‘May God blesses her a blissful happy married life; that’s all we desire’. I had to bow to the frankness generosity of Mum.

Wherever we are right now, we should have a great time and accept the truth that destiny has its own playground, in which we are the masters following the move/directions of destiny.

That should not end here too, destiny is there, no doubt, however, we are the player, we gotta make the move gotta give signal to the destiny maker what changes we want. Of course decision will purely be upon Him, we just need to put our opinions ourselves.

So here I was walking down the gallery of office building, holding my own hand in unison, praying let me hold her! Let me give one, at least one good thing happened to me so far, I got to fill that good and live up to that.
That’s all I want!! I beg.


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