A Note to Myself II

Today, evening was dedicated to let go of some memories I have been carrying since long. I never had this feeling to let go of anything, I remember good old day of me being a storekeeper; used to keep each and everything.

Anyway, it was a wine shop near Kondapur chowk, there is a open area besides the shop and some khomchewala’s were there too, to spice up the taste of beer. So, sitting on one of the boulders there, bottle was up so the chin with open mouth to gulp some. Suddenly I saw some stars shining up in the sky, it looked so beautiful that I forgot the surrounding where bottles, plastic glasses, empty plastic water cans scattered everywhere, peoples sitting there talking complaining and funny thing was if they need to pee, they just have to turn around to relieve themselves.

I wrote another note to the slipped one (?) and hope that will clear some differences, most importantly that will bring halt to overflow of my thoughts inside my nasty head. Sometime I wonder why on earth we have such thing called emotion! Its killing man! literally making me sick. The thoughts are like never ending. Every moment is full of past and future.

Now that I’m home alone, thinking of me next trip this weekend, not excited though. Well, I have reasons for that so no blame game here. I gotta do it anyway. And hope tomorrow morning will bring some good things.


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