A Note to Myself I

So; what new year bought this time?

For me, its a sad affair so far. The first double digit days are full of experiences in terms of emotions n all. I asked myself what is the meaning of break-up, and then try to put together the broken pieces! Well they say once its broken its broken…

Well, right now I am going through a different phase though. The broken pieces are literally taking its shape better than before!! No surprise here, coz its no material thing, we are talking about human relations. Something what I had taken for granted; got slipped and never came back (yeah, this is other side of story). However, from my side its gonna grow like anything, I can feel it.

We all had taken wrong paths some or other point of time, and the ultimate thing is we have learnt some or all of it.

And another thing is ‘why so serious!’

Let it be! let it grow on ourselves so that we can have a new perspective about everything.

These 10 days have shown me a bit of sad part, a bit of come back part, and most recently I got scolded in front of someone who used be a other half part of mine! (yup! you got t right, its gone now, I’m with only the remaining half part). So, what makes us to do such things? I got no answer. Its not that I’m looking for it, the thing is I don’t wanna know…



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