Nampally to Tandur Passenger Train

This was one random trip I did yesterday, exploring the local.

The journey was simple; go out and get into whatever comes first. I started from Hi-tech city local railway station and reached Nampally (Hyderabad deccan) railway station. The day ahead was simple; the local passenger train Hyderabad to Tandur 57517 was ready to depart. 03 hrs. of journey one way (fare rs. 25/-) and came back on the same train till Lingampally station and changed train MMTS to Hi-tech city. Then an auto till cyber tower, a walk to Paradise to pack mutton biryani home by 2100 hrs.

During those travelling hours I tried to read the book, ‘On the Road’ but couldn’t, was too tired to read.

One thing all the time I was thinking was; what makes a human go crazy and kills oneself, I mean why suicide? Till this day I never thought of it, for me this world has so much to offer. We will run out of time to explore all of it. The changing weather, sunrise sunsets, natural beauty, good feelings and on top of it we don’t have to any far to achieve it all! Then why there is this extreme step?

Why I had this thought is another explode untouched inside my head, but if ever one has a thought of going extreme definitely, means there was no hope from anyone anything. The world just stops, all beauty scattered, nothing suits to please and then there is this little box to confine oneself. And one fine day the ray of hope gets thinner the point of existence or self believe gets way too down to feel. Then there comes THE STEP!

I know starting a new year like this is no good! But then when you don’t have control of the situation, you head to nowhere so that the little confined box stays in dark. I am heading to nowhere everyday now! Don’t want to know what lies ahead.

Anyways; the destination Tandur is famous for marbles and stone artefacts. I could see all whitish ground and noisy stone cutting machine.

One more funny thing happened at Nampally station; all the people were standing on the foot bridge not on platforms, guess why? well yes! no one knew which platform will bring a ride to home!


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