Year 2013 It Was!

A new calendar has started. Its time to set new goals plans and at the same time before jumping ahead, lets go back to see how was it to ride with year 2013. Certainly the year was full of action.

In terms of running; Delhi Half was the best one, also ran Hyderabad half & Mussoorie half, Missed the Ladakh run.

Witnessed the Asian Cycling championship at Velodrome and Budh Circuit. With my new cross check came in; I had to let go to my first bike Schwinn. In this bike I did day long Bidar trip, Mathura-Vrindavan, and 4 days long Jaipur-Jodhpur trip. Independence day ride was awesome.  I started biking to work at end of the year.

2013-03-09 16.54.21This beauty was shining alone at Indira gandhi indoor stadium.

Left Infy in Jan and then started second inning at my current organization. Then came some nawabi moments at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad gave a new perspective to exploration. Hence visited nearby mystic Jog falls, Srisailam, Hampi, Vizag – Araku Valley, Borra Caves.

2013-07-14 15.05.18 The great show..

Mussoorie mall road walk was a unique experience; angrez were remembered for the banner ‘Indians and dogs are not allowed’. St George House location was wonderful.

If I need to pick, certainly Jaipur-Jodhpur trip was best, after that Jog falls trip was memorable.

With a hope of new journeys & exploration, may this year 2014 give everybody a joy-blast. A wonder-full trekk-full snow-full happy new year 2014.

New year resolutions list is ready. Smile


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