A Note to Myself III

So I was passing through the iconic Cyber tower building and was having a conversion with myself involving three of us (hell! No it’s not a love triangle thing). The thing is we all sounded sad, deep breathing pounding heart and then one thing came in mind that it’s all in destiny! We all are destined to do certain thing, even if we don’t accept it; we don’t deny as well. As the Mum said ‘May God blesses her a blissful happy married life; that’s all we desire’. I had to bow to the frankness generosity of Mum.

Wherever we are right now, we should have a great time and accept the truth that destiny has its own playground, in which we are the masters following the move/directions of destiny.

That should not end here too, destiny is there, no doubt, however, we are the player, we gotta make the move gotta give signal to the destiny maker what changes we want. Of course decision will purely be upon Him, we just need to put our opinions ourselves.

So here I was walking down the gallery of office building, holding my own hand in unison, praying let me hold her! Let me give one, at least one good thing happened to me so far, I got to fill that good and live up to that.
That’s all I want!! I beg.

A Note to Myself II

Today, evening was dedicated to let go of some memories I have been carrying since long. I never had this feeling to let go of anything, I remember good old day of me being a storekeeper; used to keep each and everything.

Anyway, it was a wine shop near Kondapur chowk, there is a open area besides the shop and some khomchewala’s were there too, to spice up the taste of beer. So, sitting on one of the boulders there, bottle was up so the chin with open mouth to gulp some. Suddenly I saw some stars shining up in the sky, it looked so beautiful that I forgot the surrounding where bottles, plastic glasses, empty plastic water cans scattered everywhere, peoples sitting there talking complaining and funny thing was if they need to pee, they just have to turn around to relieve themselves.

I wrote another note to the slipped one (?) and hope that will clear some differences, most importantly that will bring halt to overflow of my thoughts inside my nasty head. Sometime I wonder why on earth we have such thing called emotion! Its killing man! literally making me sick. The thoughts are like never ending. Every moment is full of past and future.

Now that I’m home alone, thinking of me next trip this weekend, not excited though. Well, I have reasons for that so no blame game here. I gotta do it anyway. And hope tomorrow morning will bring some good things.

A Note to Myself I

So; what new year bought this time?

For me, its a sad affair so far. The first double digit days are full of experiences in terms of emotions n all. I asked myself what is the meaning of break-up, and then try to put together the broken pieces! Well they say once its broken its broken…

Well, right now I am going through a different phase though. The broken pieces are literally taking its shape better than before!! No surprise here, coz its no material thing, we are talking about human relations. Something what I had taken for granted; got slipped and never came back (yeah, this is other side of story). However, from my side its gonna grow like anything, I can feel it.

We all had taken wrong paths some or other point of time, and the ultimate thing is we have learnt some or all of it.

And another thing is ‘why so serious!’

Let it be! let it grow on ourselves so that we can have a new perspective about everything.

These 10 days have shown me a bit of sad part, a bit of come back part, and most recently I got scolded in front of someone who used be a other half part of mine! (yup! you got t right, its gone now, I’m with only the remaining half part). So, what makes us to do such things? I got no answer. Its not that I’m looking for it, the thing is I don’t wanna know…


Nampally to Tandur Passenger Train

This was one random trip I did yesterday, exploring the local.

The journey was simple; go out and get into whatever comes first. I started from Hi-tech city local railway station and reached Nampally (Hyderabad deccan) railway station. The day ahead was simple; the local passenger train Hyderabad to Tandur 57517 was ready to depart. 03 hrs. of journey one way (fare rs. 25/-) and came back on the same train till Lingampally station and changed train MMTS to Hi-tech city. Then an auto till cyber tower, a walk to Paradise to pack mutton biryani home by 2100 hrs.

During those travelling hours I tried to read the book, ‘On the Road’ but couldn’t, was too tired to read.

One thing all the time I was thinking was; what makes a human go crazy and kills oneself, I mean why suicide? Till this day I never thought of it, for me this world has so much to offer. We will run out of time to explore all of it. The changing weather, sunrise sunsets, natural beauty, good feelings and on top of it we don’t have to any far to achieve it all! Then why there is this extreme step?

Why I had this thought is another explode untouched inside my head, but if ever one has a thought of going extreme definitely, means there was no hope from anyone anything. The world just stops, all beauty scattered, nothing suits to please and then there is this little box to confine oneself. And one fine day the ray of hope gets thinner the point of existence or self believe gets way too down to feel. Then there comes THE STEP!

I know starting a new year like this is no good! But then when you don’t have control of the situation, you head to nowhere so that the little confined box stays in dark. I am heading to nowhere everyday now! Don’t want to know what lies ahead.

Anyways; the destination Tandur is famous for marbles and stone artefacts. I could see all whitish ground and noisy stone cutting machine.

One more funny thing happened at Nampally station; all the people were standing on the foot bridge not on platforms, guess why? well yes! no one knew which platform will bring a ride to home!

Year 2013 It Was!

A new calendar has started. Its time to set new goals plans and at the same time before jumping ahead, lets go back to see how was it to ride with year 2013. Certainly the year was full of action.

In terms of running; Delhi Half was the best one, also ran Hyderabad half & Mussoorie half, Missed the Ladakh run.

Witnessed the Asian Cycling championship at Velodrome and Budh Circuit. With my new cross check came in; I had to let go to my first bike Schwinn. In this bike I did day long Bidar trip, Mathura-Vrindavan, and 4 days long Jaipur-Jodhpur trip. Independence day ride was awesome.  I started biking to work at end of the year.

2013-03-09 16.54.21This beauty was shining alone at Indira gandhi indoor stadium.

Left Infy in Jan and then started second inning at my current organization. Then came some nawabi moments at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad gave a new perspective to exploration. Hence visited nearby mystic Jog falls, Srisailam, Hampi, Vizag – Araku Valley, Borra Caves.

2013-07-14 15.05.18 The great show..

Mussoorie mall road walk was a unique experience; angrez were remembered for the banner ‘Indians and dogs are not allowed’. St George House location was wonderful.

If I need to pick, certainly Jaipur-Jodhpur trip was best, after that Jog falls trip was memorable.

With a hope of new journeys & exploration, may this year 2014 give everybody a joy-blast. A wonder-full trekk-full snow-full happy new year 2014.

New year resolutions list is ready. Smile

Hyderabad – Ooty Train Trip Itinerary

Itinerary for the weekend trip to Ooty.

Date – 17-01-2014 to 21-01-2014.

Hi-tech to Secunderabad – MMTS local, Train# 47194, Departure 21:58, Arrival 22:27

Secunderabad to Vijayawada – WL4. Train# 17232, Departure 23:30, Arrival 05:35.

Vijayawada to Chennai Central – 2S, D4/72. Train# 12711, Departure 06:00, Arrival 13:00.

Chennai Central to Metupalaiyam – WL40. Train# 12671, Departure 21:15, Arrival 06:15.

Metupalaiyam to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) – WL45. Train# 56136, Departure 07:10, Arrival 12:00.

Udhagamandalam (Ooty) to Bangalore – Via Bus. Unreserved, Night travel.

Bangalore to Hyderabad – Undecided, confused soul.


17th Jan – Starting day

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
11 SC SECUNDERABAD JN 23:10 23:30
20 BZA VIJAYAWADA JN 05:35 05:50

18th Jan – Todays target is to reach Chennai and have beer with a friend.

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
1 BZA VIJAYAWADA JN Source 06:00
13 MAS CHENNAI CENTRAL 13:00 Destination

18th Evening –

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
9 MTP METUPALAIYAM 06:15 Destination

19th Jan – The heritage journey begins…

Train No Train Name Runs From Source  
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Arrival Time Dep. Time
8 UAM UDAGAMANDALAM 12:00 Destination

19th Jan After-noon’s – Ooty visit & exploration.

Return journey starts via Bangalore…

Jai Bhole!!