Work or Not to Work!

So, recently I have got this fantasy with this girl at my workplace that I can’t resist myself coming everyday and wait for one glance or even a walking where my eyes can see! I am getting so attracted and miserable at the same time!

Being a conservative my entire whole fucking life, this one thing always intrigued me.

I remember my last working place where I came across the same feeling I am having now, and I discussed that with my colleges’ buddies; they were too much possessive and advised not to get into this trap. One day conservative me freed himself and a talk was enough to get me out of ‘that’ feeling.

I am trying to figure out causes, do I need some companion? Am I alone in this sucking world? Or it is just that am not going out much!! Or the outside me trying to give me some signals about me future?

Oh! Such a bull shit. Better gotta talk man!


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