Delhi Half Marathon 2013

Last run of the year and finished it well; with the timing of 02:23:40, the best ever so far in my running feat.

A relatively cold day in Delhi; 15th December 2013, I was at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium group C line up. The race flagged off or rather I started running exactly at 0740.

At finish, my mobile app ‘My Tracks’ says total 22.54 km of run in 02:25:12 with average pace of 9.31 km/hrs. & max speed 17.42 km/h. but the race official time says 02:23:40 finish time.

Anyways it was within 02:30, which was my target, m glad I achieved it.

2013-12-15 06.30.37

running bib.

2013-12-15 10.20.12

After the finish! too much sweating…

2013-12-15 10.29.03

Finally rest time and enjoy the biscuits, apple n water and yea medal too!!!

Fearful we are!!

This happens to be after midnight, no vehicle to drive us to the shelter. And then it came easily; the fear.

The fear from our own species; getting robbed, stabbed, killed, raped etc. etc. That made me think who made this world? Who live here? If its just because someone has spent a week without having anything, would only realise what money is? food is? Material thing they are me think. So why so much care and fuss about money and all the material things which makes someone nervous, fearful, scared every time.

Then I thought heck who cares! enjoy the moonlight, night breeze and the colour of midnight. There are rare days when we get opportunity to be out there and survive.

Mussoorie Half Marathon 2013

As planned, 10 Nov 2013 was a lucky day; I was running my 4th half marathon of my running journey.

It was a mix of road and trail running, this was the first time i ran off-road. It was a perfect day for a run. Woke up at 0500 hrs. checked out from hotel Deep and headed towards Gandhi chowk Library bazaar via mall road. Steve did briefing and we started exactly at 0730 hrs.

The route was exactly the same which I traced a day before at morning. That followed like Gandhi Chowk > Company bagh > Everest house > return back to the same route > pass the Gandhi chowk > mall road > Woodstock college finished.

It was a mix of all off-road, killing elevation, no path. But then completed the run within 3 hrs.

Track here…

Took some snaps along the way.

2013-11-10 06.15.26

Morning getting ready for the run..

2013-11-10 06.42.16

Doon Valley early in the morning..

2013-11-10 06.42.29

Start line..

2013-11-10 07.29.20

Steve briefing the crowd/…

2013-11-10 08.39.45

Near Everest house.. blissful Doon valley

2013-11-10 10.41.56

At the finish.. retrieving the luggage from van..

2013-11-10 10.56.32

Nice run altogether… my first hill run..

Thanks MHM 2013..

Work or Not to Work!

So, recently I have got this fantasy with this girl at my workplace that I can’t resist myself coming everyday and wait for one glance or even a walking where my eyes can see! I am getting so attracted and miserable at the same time!

Being a conservative my entire whole fucking life, this one thing always intrigued me.

I remember my last working place where I came across the same feeling I am having now, and I discussed that with my colleges’ buddies; they were too much possessive and advised not to get into this trap. One day conservative me freed himself and a talk was enough to get me out of ‘that’ feeling.

I am trying to figure out causes, do I need some companion? Am I alone in this sucking world? Or it is just that am not going out much!! Or the outside me trying to give me some signals about me future?

Oh! Such a bull shit. Better gotta talk man!

A Morning Walk to Everest House Mussoorie

09th November 2013

Sun was resting and mother earth was still waiting to be enlightened by gold’ish sun- rays. Fresh morning cold breeze, on top of mountains, resting mighty Himalaya and doon valley disappearing somewhere, I was in Mussorie, Uttarakhand.

I wanted to experience morning run on hills so I was out before sunrise. Fully geared, walk on mall road was pleasant. Singing birds, lonely roads, gold’ish hills and doon valley lightening was so awesome that I didn’t realized I was at the end of mall road, at Gandhi chowk! Then I decided to have a walk till Mt. Everest House which was, as per google maps, 6 km away from here.

So took a right turn towards from Gandhi chowk, towards Kempty falls road. Crossed the LBSNAA (IAS training institute), early morning peoples were inside their beds, I could see the mountains top getting a color change, ringing bell at far temple. On the way near Company Bagh I found one shop open and purchased a water bottle and continued.

It was 0830 hrs when I crossed a cyclist coming on opposite direction at Everest point restaurant cum hotel. Till this point proper road is there. I continued to my right into the jungle area on a concrete path. At some distance I saw CRPF camp doing their morning routine, I kept my pace into the lonely peaceful jungle path.

At some point I lost the google maps pointer/arrow, it was pointing my location off route but I didn’t encounter any diversion on the way though, so continued ignoring google maps. Then I saw old stone marking my destination, Everest house and some local names, I continued happily.

Then there was a well and some workers were there, I asked for the route to Everest house.

I thought it will be a massive or something fort like place but what I saw there was a collapsed building, marked walls, some graffiti, declaration of love (as usual). In front of the house was a big lawn, a ground full of cow dung, some water. This was supposed to be a man’s house, who surveyed our entire cost-line and upon him; the highest Himalayan peak of the world was named Mount Everest. A little disappointed on that front but then thought this is India, this is who we are.

The view from there is awesome; I sat there for almost an hour to admire the doon valley one side, snowy Himalayan on the other and bushes around. Pleasant weather, it was like top of the world, flying!

I came back from other side of the road, which meets at Everest point restaurant, had tea-parantha lunch there. One mini-can ignition started, I asked the driver whether he would be going to Gandhi chowk, affirmative, I sat on the van. At drop he said whatever fare you wanna give, confused me saw 20 bucks note on my pocket and handed it over.

Later, I went to Woodstock School to collect my bib for next day’s race and saw the same cyclist distributing the bibs. Steve, a nice energetic man, organizer of the race handed me over the bibs, described the route and I found that it was the same route I walked today morning!

Evening was at the mall road, sitting on the road side bench, reading ‘Life of Pie’, enjoying sunset, happy people walking here n there, vendor’s selling local food items, and photographer’s approaching to every couple “sir, one pics. See, just like this. Will give you print in 2 minutes”.

Jaipur – Pushkar – Jodhpur Cycling

27th Nov – 1st Dec 2013

As per the plan the journey was set to begin on 27th evening. I was confused about the bus stand though, where should I board the bus!, was major concern. All the Rajasthan roadways Volvo buses starts from Bikaner house near India gate but office to home and then home to there biking looked too much of a task. So from Bikaner house to Kashmiri gate to Sarai kale khan finally it was Iffco chowk from where I boarded the bus.

At 2230 hrs boarded a sleeper bus from Iffco chowk Gurgaon after 15 kms of ride from home. Buswala charged Rs. 80/- for bike.

In between bus stopped for dinner at some awesome place but was too cold outside so had a cup of tea and came back. Morning 0430 hrs, I was standing outside Sindhi camp bus stand having a cup of tea and in dilemma of what now. And then opened the google maps, sketched the route and started riding.

Reached the first destination as early as 1030 hrs, so continued towards the next destination, Pushkar. Straight from Phulera to Rupangarh through Marva ka Kila skipping Sambhar lake & Naraina. A lot of off-road riding, digging deep inside rural part of Rajasthan, met a lot of great people asking so many questions like whats my cast, gotra, where am I headed, are you on india tour, do you work in TV, how Akshay Kumar looks, have you ever seen him etc etc. Lost the route after Kucheel and at the same time rear tire got punctured, didn’t change the tube as was too busy searching the correct route. Once reached the bypass road changed the tube in dark and made it to Pushkar around 1930 hrs. Thanks to the light I was carrying.

At Pushkar, found a cheap (rs 250/- per day) hotel and rested. Next day didn’t touch the bike at all. Instead explored the local, Savatri temple trek, Brahma temple, lake, mela ground, read ‘into the wild’ book, saw a (only) fully geared cyclist and evening was near the lake witnessing sunset and lake puja. It’s a good place with a lot of foreigners roaming around, searching for ‘something’, I found locals much aquatinted with them.

I was planning to go back to Jaipur via Ajmer and explore Jaipur, but then next morning saw message of salary credited and smelled something royal. It was nothing but Fort Khajerla inviting me to welcome newly credited salary. Left hotel at 0700 hrs. Missed the turn twice; first, the turn towards Nand, second, just after Govindgarh. Second miss was a kill, I had to drag myself on sand for about 9-10 kms. Asked so many locals about the route and finally reached Khajerla at 1700 hrs via Jaitaran route skipping the planned route.

Fort Khajerla is 90 km before Jodhpur. 500 yrs old this massive fort is now a ‘some’ star hotel, the manager told me that it has been given on lease for 19 yrs (since 2006) by some hot shot guy (forgot the name). The sunset view from the top is a pure bliss, food is good so the stay. If you really want some cool calm place, this is for you. And yeah! current Rajah Dileep Singh still lives there.

It was a dry day due to state elections so no energy boosters served, was open for foreigners’ though.

Sunday; last day of ride today. Skipped the breakfast, started riding at 0900 hrs as per the planned route, made it to Jodhpur around 1400 hrs. It’s pretty much a highway ride, nothing fancy.

At Jodhpur, the fort looked inviting from far but didn’t get much time to explore the city, as the last bus (Volvo) leaves at 1600 hrs from Rai ka Bagh bus stand. One semi deluxe also there leaving at 1530 hrs. I needed to pick one and semi deluxe was lucky to get my cross check on board {fare was 530 and another half ticket, (rs 245/-) for the bike}.