Vizag – Araku Valley trip: Part- II Vizag, RK Beach, Kailasagiri

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Open pouring sky, blowing fresh air, morning was much better than regular. It was Vizag railway station platform. After morning routine and tea, headed towards the RTC complex in search of AP tourism office. AP tourism organises various tours in and around the city, I was planning one day vizag tour, the heritage tour.

The office was open but due to strike all the tours were cancelled for a week. What now! The city is too big to walk and pocket? Too light… So walked across..

2013-09-02 11.49.49

RK Beach..


RK Beach, no don’t like Goa!


That’s what happens when you go around without shoes..


On the way to Kailasagiri peak..


Thank You!


That’s how it looks from up..


Hollywood is here..


A train does the 5 km round of the peak.


The ticket, costs 50 bucks for non a/c.


Inside the train.


Evening comes and Vizag shines…


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