Airtel Hyderabad Half Marathon 2013

First run of 2013, it was Hyderabad Half on 25th August. I was in Hyderabad during that time and ran without any preparation! Yes, not even a single run before running. New shoes were brought from bib distribution expo, on a day before race i.e. 24th Aug! Asics shoes for around 6000/- with 10% discount.

Race was good. There were good numbers of water points and medical facility was adequate too, in short simply liked the run.

The route was challenging too, it started from Hussain Sagar bank and finished at Gachiboli stadium. Before that I cycled the freedom ride, on 15th of August, mark of the 66th completed years of Independence. Knee pain was hurting a lot but then completed the race within 3 hrs., as promised to myself.


A day before race, @ expo which was organised at Hitex, Hyderabad.


Perfect run!!!!!


Here’s the victory.


Refreshment and amazingly it was only for the runner, they stamped on the bib that I have taken mine.. no second inning or for friend..


First time experience at the running court @ Gachiboli stadium!

Vizag – Araku Valley trip: Part- II Vizag, RK Beach, Kailasagiri

Part [0] [1] [2]

Open pouring sky, blowing fresh air, morning was much better than regular. It was Vizag railway station platform. After morning routine and tea, headed towards the RTC complex in search of AP tourism office. AP tourism organises various tours in and around the city, I was planning one day vizag tour, the heritage tour.

The office was open but due to strike all the tours were cancelled for a week. What now! The city is too big to walk and pocket? Too light… So walked across..

2013-09-02 11.49.49

RK Beach..


RK Beach, no don’t like Goa!


That’s what happens when you go around without shoes..


On the way to Kailasagiri peak..


Thank You!


That’s how it looks from up..


Hollywood is here..


A train does the 5 km round of the peak.


The ticket, costs 50 bucks for non a/c.


Inside the train.


Evening comes and Vizag shines…

Surly goes HYD-DEL

Its been two months since this, now it was the time to test. The bag is big enough for the frame and other bike stuff, has two pocket on both sides for tires. The packing itself is a big task, need extra care to pack. What I worried was the damage on frame and spoke. Finally bag was packed using extra card box parts on both sides of frame, some loose papers. The bag should have come under the seat, didn’t try though.

If it would have been regular 2AC, things would have been different, people carry hell lot of luggage while travelling in railways. I was lucky enough to get a nice seat. Ticket was booked in 2AC; got boggy half 2AC, half 1AC and seat, exactly at the joining point of these two.

2013-09-08 08.40.42

Vizag – Araku Valley trip: Part- I Borra Caves

Part [0] [1] [2]

It was Saturday, last day of August. I was destined to travel but was not lucky enough to get confirmed ticket. I was struck at WL 2 (waiting list). Started late from home, result was in front of me; a long queue at the ticket counter. Though AP was half closed due to strike, travellers are travellers, no one can stop them.

Anyway got a general boggy ticket, train was already at the platform with general boggy packed. My fate has been written to travel entire 14 hrs. journey standing by the door side, witnessing everything whatever came along the railway track.

One incident that happened with me first time; the railway police checking. I was enjoying my sleep sitting at the door, suddenly everyone was rushing inside and till the time I realised, it was too late to skip from the police and I got two hard punches in my legs. Lesson was learnt; never sit at the door when halt approaches.

Train was in time and there was a gap of 3 hrs. to next train. That was a passenger and the only train on that route, covering Shimiliguda station, which was once India’s highest broad gauge railway station. Now Qazigad (J&K) station is the highest one.  

The journey on this route is an epic in itself. I stopped counting the tunnels coz there are plenty of them. One after one, a lot of tunnels, bridges and splendid views across. My ticket was booked till Araku, where plan was to stay overnight. However, I got down at Borra Guhalu station to visit famous Borra caves.

At the station I got the news that the entire tribal region was closed today due to AP strike. Damn! what now? The guard at the Borra caves, which is just nearby the station said that they will be opening the gate at 02:00 o’clock. There was much time to explore the area so I went along the railway track just to hit the clock 2 to visit the world famous Borra Caves.

Borra caves are located in the Ananthagiri hill ranges of eastern ghats. It was a british, William King, who discovered the cave in 1807. Borra means hole in Oriya language (this reminds me a story of my childhood, makes me lough. I’m not going to share here) Borra caves are naturally formed and believed to be 150 million year old. It is basically formed through some chemicals and minerals forming the rock. Inside you can different structure, which locals have named like Shi Parvathi, human brain, Shivling, crocodile, Jesus etc. etc. One baba was sitting inside a tiny hole where the natural Shivling was. There was no light so couldn’t see and discuss much. The total length of the cave is about 200 meters and above the caves the railway track is there.

2013-08-30 23.55.05

Preparation chat at AP tourism website. Later I found the office to be open but closed for business!

2013-09-01 07.34.00

Perfect weather and greenery around..

2013-09-01 08.37.37

Small villages and tribal habitat can be found at regular interval.

2013-09-01 08.53.31

Perfect day! perfect ride!

2013-09-01 09.10.58

2013-09-01 09.24.28

One of so many bridges..

2013-09-01 10.11.49

The first destination! Borra caves are about 200 meters from this station..

2013-09-01 10.13.26

Distance and fare from Borra Guhalu station..

2013-09-01 11.12.58

Gates were closed… see that generator kind of thing, they use this for lighting inside the cave.

2013-09-01 10.56.26

Time to kill time till 2, walk along the track.

2013-09-01 13.59.41

Finally inside… first view of the cave.

2013-09-01 14.30.35

One of such so many structures… Ignore the writing, that’s what we Indians are good at…

2013-09-01 14.31.15

They have given names to every structure there, according to the shape and legendry.


Returning time… sunset ride! beautiful.


The return train departure time is 03:30 officially but the guard at railway station said train comes at 5 o’clock and ticket will be distributed half an hour before that. And train dropped me at Vizag at 10 o’clock in the night. Ate two plate of idli, gently slide myself on newspaper below, towel above me and bag pillow.