Vizag – Araku Valley trip

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Got extended weekend this time, due to holiday on Monday 2nd, so was all set to visit Tirupati Temple but previous days newspaper was full with AP strike. Plan changed to Araku Valley – Vizag (Vishakhapatnam) trip. I thought Vizag was part of Telangana, a friend of mine confirmed otherwise. That came after the train booking, so without much thinking headed towards this beautiful valley.

Itinerary became something like this –

Date – 31-08-2013 to 03-09-2013.

Hyderabad to Vizag – 3A, WL8. Train# 12704, Departure 14:00, Arrival 03:30. {waiting didn’t clear, struck at WL2, later took a general boggy ticket for same train}

Vizag to Araku – D1, 91. Train# 58501, Departure 06:50, Arrival 10:30. {Its a passenger & only train on that route}

Araku to Borra Caves – Unreserved. Local taxi/bus. {caves are 35 km before Araku, near Borra Guhalu railway station}

Borra Caves to Vizag – Unreserved. Train# 58501, Departure 16:30, Arrival 21:30. {Sunday night}

Vizag Local – AP tourism one day Heritage tour, Departure 09:00, Arrival 05:00. {AP tourism office too was on strike, visited RK beach, Kailashagiri hills} {Entire Monday}

Vizag to Hyderabad – 3A, WL8. Train# 11020, Departure 22:45, Arrival 11:55. {Lucky this time, confirmed B3, 47}

Though AP ruining herself with a lot of strikes, traffic jams. but thought worth a visit.


@ kailasagiri Hills….


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