Srisailam–Hampi Trip: Part 1 – Srisailam

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God’s abode, Srisailam is full of fresh air, piece and greenery. The Jyotirlinga makes it special, chanting, prayer everywhere.

Early morning 5 o’clock when I woke up, my back & neck was paining like hell. The bus seat was not confortable to sleep. We were waiting in a jungle to open the gate of reserved forest area near Srisailam. Mornings’ view can’t be better than this, pure bliss! zig-zag road, dense forest, then a beautiful dam (Srisailam dam) and finally the destination.

The first thing I heard was the Bhajan, priests were singing, loudspeakers everywhere. I turned my face and there it was, the Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple built in unique style, the small town itself is unique, at every stop there was a idol with flowers and bel patri.

No hotel, no stay is my motto, so after relieving myself in open went straight to the temple area. Camera and mobile phones are not allowed there, but good thing is, they have lockers for such items for 10 bucks per bag.

At 11 o’clock I was witnessing the pooja inside the temple. No one is allowed to go inside the room where Linga is, I could see some female priests worshipping Linga with bel-patri and milk. The bull, Nandi was sitting there still n straight. Legends says that when Nandi will leave his place this world will come to an end. The non-stop chanting of priests was really full of energy and josh.

Anyways, darshan was done now it was my time to explore. Once exited from temple’s upper gate, there are some counters for prasad for some 5 or 10 rupees. Also on left side there is a free lungar (food) is available. There was a long queue though.

Collected my shoes and bag, bought a booklet in which local site-seeing places were mentioned. Maratha king Chhatrapathi Shivaji’s bronze statue was nearby, some 200 meters. His entire life is narrated through poster and pics.

Then I started climbing uphill to see Hemareddy Mallamma Temple. During the climb met with a sadhu and a guy. Sadhu asked if he can keep the booklet. Some talks and we were in our way again. The town from the top looked beautiful and air was blowing nicely.

After an hour, descending down, I was near the dam for boating. I wanted to go in a dongle but was alone and he was charging good amount of money so went by a shared boat for Rs. 40/-. The Freedom Ride pain was still there so decided to climb via rope way, he charged 40/- Rs. for that ride.

So much up and down, no food except the prasad and water, exhausted. Ate some rice and saw some taxis were going towards Markapur. I was planning to stay there but Markapur scene changed my plan. There were no bus service except to Hyderabad. Taxi stand is near the bus stand and taxi wala was charging 150 Rs. for Markapur. Then one private Innova car came and boarded that for Markapur Road railway station. My new destination got fixed – Hampi.

2013-08-17 14.43.08

The town welcomes you like this, chowk at the starting of the town.

2013-08-17 16.29.30

I need someone to translate this for me.

2013-08-17 12.28.45

First view of the Temple.

2013-08-17 12.30.19

Close-up and perfect weather to explore.

2013-08-17 13.41.49

From the top. Loved the greenery, so much!

2013-08-17 13.42.16

Hemmareddy Mallamma Temple.

2013-08-17 12.45.01

Bronze statue of King Chhatrapathi Shivaji.

2013-08-17 15.21.28

Srisailam Dam on Krishna river.

2013-08-17 15.27.41

Take care..

2013-08-17 16.10.16

Rope way….

2013-08-17 16.13.48

The beautiful dam and surrounding. The Akka Mahadevi caves are also there, the boat was going towards that area for some 500 Rs. Wanted to see but no one seems to take that tour.



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