Lord Buddha

Need blessing – visit HIM @ Hussain Sagar Hyderabad.


The statue is inside the lake. A ferry takes 5-6 minutes to reach there, speed boats are also available but they do not stop at the statue area. The ferry charge 40 Rs. per head. This famous Hussain Sagar lake is situated near the secretariat, Lumbini Park is attached to the lake. Ferries are available from here.

MMTS is local train service in Hyderabad, replica of Mumbai local trains. The fare is very cheap, rs. 5 one way. Necklace road station is close to Hussain Sagar.

Lumbini park, NTR garden, Birla mandir are must visit near this lake.


Fun time..


Lumbini Park…. From ferry can be taken to statue.


Shared ferry..


Standing still with water all around..

Surly Cross Check is in my Stable now.

In the world of cycling touring, Surly is a well known n trusted name, specially LHT (Long Haul Trucker) brand. Two years back when I bought my Swinn MTB, I didn’t knew how to ride. And now just a week before I got my new bike ‘Surly Cross Check’, a versatile to-do-all kind of bike.

My inclination towards drop bars, fat tires and week long tour brought me to this bike. Though LHT is a natural choice of all the tourists out there but I wanted some flexibility and on top of it cross country wasn’t possible.

Then on month of June I came to know that Surly bikes are available here now. Contacted the guy, who runs a warehouse in Bangalore and authorised distributor of Surly bikes. Went there, booked black X check for myself. It was a costly affair but bike looked more promising.

About two weeks of waiting and there it was, the beauty, at The Bikes Affair (TBA) Hyderabad. After two days of hearing the news that bike has reached, reached store just to hear ‘it’s a size big for you’. I was like confused, came home without bike.

Some brainstorming, talk here n there and finally decided to go for it. Again went TBA and confirmed. All the guys at store were really nice, passionate bikers, has a good knowledge about bikes and a great store too. Rode back home, this was the first time on drops, definitely excitement was there, felt good.

2013-07-13 17.35.28

First look, resting at trainer for testing & sizing.

2013-07-20 12.35.56

Front look..

2013-07-20 16.04.37

After the full set-up, resting @ my room.

Hyderabad Days.

Well, its more than a month in city of nawab now. The weather is nice and Indradev is smiling all the way from the day one of our arrival in Hyderabad.

No doubt, this city has so much to offer. After all it has such a great legacy- rulers, kingdom, heritages, pearls and much more. Over the weeks have seen the Charminar, Chaumahalla place, Hussain Sagar, Birla mandir, monda market, mmts ride, paradise biryani, Durgam Cheruvu and best of it I got my sweet ride, in which already have done over century during Bidar trip.

Mornings are beautiful, specially during the morning rides. The feel of chilled breeze passing through hair is amazing.

There is more to explore and I hope to get some exciting memories of this city.


Nizam’s palace. (Chaumahalla)


Hussain Sagar.


Museum collections… Not me!!!

2013-07-20 12.37.16

And my sweet ride being assembled @ the bike affair