Way to a New Distiny

Way to a New Distiny

Moments of 30 hrs journey…


Night Ride and Fall.

When we enjoy ourselves, we tend to forget our surroundings, rather we just want to be in that state. This happened to me last night. Weather was nice and Delhi got its second monsoon shower of this year. So I was headed towards India Gate after dinner. Plan was to cycle there and enjoy the weather.

And during that enjoyment suddenly bike got skidded on concrete, I couldn’t control myself and within a second I was lying on the road. Nothing serious though.

2013-06-14 23.09.00

minor scratches…

The ground near AIIMS looked inviting, so rested there, washed the scratch and some healing. The air was so fresh and nice there, lying on green grass, open air invisible stars though.. I spent three hours there just lying with my bike. Fabulous time…..

2013-06-14 23.35.30

I was there by choice no doubt, however, there were so many people sleeping there everyday. The auto & rickshaw walas, some kids, old sleeping in groups. Misery but can’t help it, this is what we call LIFE…

2013-06-15 00.13.57

My sweet ride resting in peace and enjoying. Colour looking so different…

Then I saw, I was disturbing mosquitos and decided to head back to the cage called room. Fan is running in full speed but the air inside room too hot and humid to sleep. By 3 o’clock I was inside the cage. God! when will I grow old.