Home, Sweet Home and Return…. Continued..

In continuation to part 1..

Some snaps of my family and home.


My nephew, wonders who am I? really will have to visit home quite regularly.


The only mean to survive at home. Potato and wheat.

Today we talk about about FDI, sustainable development and what not, but once you go far in deep of villages you will nothing but hard work, passion & love for their land, family.

This is favourite season for monkeys and bear, reason – potato’s.


Another view from ‘Aangan’ (small veranda in front of house)


In a row, blossoming.


Home sweet home.


Its a small temple, my and uncle’s house in background.


My nephew, he also wonder who am I? but as soon as he got to know that he can see himself in a box (camera), he became a real fan.

^This is how we irrigate our lands. Water is coming through plastic pipes from nearby river, some 5-6 km up. These potato’s will go to near Sabji Mandi and further to food factories. So much hard work, first has to prepare the land with local and chemical fertilizers, then manual seeding, keep them safe from monkeys/bear till they mature, and then transport.

Sometime I wonder, We hardly get any time to see beyond survival. We did it for generations and still doing it. What is the purpose of human being in this earth? From morning to night, we worried about about assets and keep good care of it even during nights. They say just live….. I guess its true just live….

P.S. I just finished watching “It’s kind of a funny story”, well, just LIVE…


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