2nd stint… 2nd day

Thanks God! its Monday……. Well it was really a good Monday yesterday, the 1st day of 2nd stint, everything was too calm to discuss even. 3 and half days days induction has started today, and its pretty much the same across the world I guess. And travelling plans are coming up too, lets wait and watch, exciting.

But sad part is – my ladakh dream is going to crash, very very sad. May God have some mercy on me, on my dream…. amen..

Home, Sweet Home and Return…. Continued..

In continuation to part 1..

Some snaps of my family and home.


My nephew, wonders who am I? really will have to visit home quite regularly.


The only mean to survive at home. Potato and wheat.

Today we talk about about FDI, sustainable development and what not, but once you go far in deep of villages you will nothing but hard work, passion & love for their land, family.

This is favourite season for monkeys and bear, reason – potato’s.


Another view from ‘Aangan’ (small veranda in front of house)


In a row, blossoming.


Home sweet home.


Its a small temple, my and uncle’s house in background.


My nephew, he also wonder who am I? but as soon as he got to know that he can see himself in a box (camera), he became a real fan.

^This is how we irrigate our lands. Water is coming through plastic pipes from nearby river, some 5-6 km up. These potato’s will go to near Sabji Mandi and further to food factories. So much hard work, first has to prepare the land with local and chemical fertilizers, then manual seeding, keep them safe from monkeys/bear till they mature, and then transport.

Sometime I wonder, We hardly get any time to see beyond survival. We did it for generations and still doing it. What is the purpose of human being in this earth? From morning to night, we worried about about assets and keep good care of it even during nights. They say just live….. I guess its true just live….

P.S. I just finished watching “It’s kind of a funny story”, well, just LIVE…

Discovering Myself

Office talks and this term came up ’discovering myself’. Office-mates were pretty much sure that I am goanna come up with a book titled like this.

Anyways, after quitting the job I am going to travel around and discovering what is the purpose of this life? why do we live? what nature is all about?

So plan is something like this –

June end journey starts. Delhi/Shimla

July –  Cycling to Leh via Shimla, Kaza, Keylong, Sarchu. Run 21K at Diskit.

August – Continue cycling to Pangong tso, Chusul, Tso moriri, back to Leh and then towards Srinagar. Back to Delhi. Start trekking to Gomukh in Uttarakhand.

September – Gomukh, Badrinath, Bageshwar, Nanda Raj Jaat yatra, return to Joshimath via Kuari Pass.

October – Delhi.

Apart from travelling I have kept 100 Rs. as daily expenses during cycling. And during trekking 200 Rs. as daily expense. Night stay will be on own tent.

A lot has to be done before that. Miles to go before I sleep. Smile


EDIT – got an offer that I couldn’t refuse!!!!! postponing this epic to next season.


Home, Sweet Home and Return.

‘You will get in time, just be on the road. And make sure you jump-in whatever comes in first’

These were the worlds of one shopkeeper, while I was enquiring about bus to Tanakpur from my place. And I got a Alto after waiting for about 15 minutes.

This was an unusual route I took to come to Delhi. There are plenty of buses from Haldwani, & two trains as well, one at morning 9 o’clock and another one is at 8:30 evening. But this time I was determined to take a full circle and travel through Champawat and Tanakpur, touching the Nepal boarder.

The route – Delhi > Haldwani > Home > Devidhura > Champawat > Tanakpur > Delhi.

Tanakpur is the last train station of meter gauge line linking Uttarakhand to UP.

2013-04-21 16.47.47

Overnight journey from Delhi to Haldwani was nothing special, just sleeping sometimes looking around in the dark. Travels are always thought provoking. Entire journey I was thinking about past, how I got Delhi and the struggle, friends college and what not.

I miss my home, but when I am there I feel uncomfortable!, why? no idea.

May be I see the struggle to survive, cultivation is the only mean to survive there. They wake up as early as 4 o’clock to finish the daily chore. Having said that, the night was not that easy. Entire night they sleep less, reason? wild animals. Potato and fruits invite wild animals too, night is perfect for them to eat so all the villagers keep awake to scare those animal. Life is not easy. My parents too have small hut in-between the fields, they sleep there in cold.  What they care is to save crops from wild animals. for whom? us, children’s? Early in the morning I see there swelling eyes due to less sleep, I feel bad.

My father serve Indian army for 17 years. I still remember those delightful days to grab all the luggage when he used to come home on leaves. 2 trunks, 3 bags and small polythene packed with all kind of food and eateries. Villagers too used to ran to our place to see him and enjoy free daru. He used to brought 2 full bucket of Contessa, rum, brandy, and what not! those were joyful days for us. But now I see his face full of worries and thoughtful eyes, I feel like crying. I too struggle here sitting in this crappy single room, unemployed, doing nothing, they are struggling too but doing so much for the family. They sleep in open air to save some food, entire day goes to feed cow, goat and do all the stuff a farmer does to keep his family happy. And at the same time to follow the societal norm. Society, whatever it is.

What father thinks?, what mother thinks? What keeps them occupied to keep up doing everyday the same? What am I doing to keep them happy? Nothing.…

Where is peace of mind today? Cities are full of noise and villages are full of struggle. Where? Where is the creature of this world? Why this world exist?

The return journey was just like that. My father said you can get anywhere you just need money whenever you are on the road. I was supposed to meet old college cum room mate in Devidhura but we both missed each other due to miscommunication. The scattered village on the route reminded me all of that and what govt. is doing for them? The roads were pathetic all the way.

Tanakpur is again a small town. The geography is same like Haldwani, planes starts from here. The railway platform was full of pilgrimage people, the Purnagiri mela was on full peak. So back to bus stand to catch a bus to Delhi. There are plenty of them, buses from all over the big town of eastern Uttarakhand routes from here.