Searching Purpose contd…….

So after much thought, the boy was still not clear about his vision about his purpose of life. Life was going on as usual, time was running fast and he was growing old day by day minute by minute but with a question? Why and what he’s up to? 

He was never so much thoughtless helpless.

Sometimes life teaches us so many things that we wonder, how to react what to say. Clueless and unenthusiastic. We all need a vacation, not just to enjoy life, to go along the shore to open up new feelings new thought process, just to come aback and do regular stuff with much energy much soul.

There is one life who doesn’t expect anything from anyone and at the same time there is society, so called, expects a lot of innovative ideas to pull everyone in his false world. Who gets benefit? No one.! except human ego and superiority. We always have stories with us, stories of huge success, stories of exceptional valour and courage to do beyond human imagination just to show our fellow living creature that there is someone who is watching and monitoring our day to day minutes! But I say why we have such needs? Why we have become so much desperate about everything, why not just let go and smile?

I remember one incident, it was dark evening time. I ordered two boiled egg after confirming the vendor whether or not he has change of 500 bucks. He nodded hence my order. After I finished he gave me change but 10 bucks less! I handed him to recount and he agreed his mistake but… yeah, he gave me that short 10 bucks but full 100 bucks less!! Realisation came on the way and I was like smiling and laughing, not on my stupidity but what could have been his thought process?

All this desperation to live, not live to survive every day… from where it comes? What we have become? Why this world exists? What could have been the X factor behind creating this world, specially human beings? And those animals..

I know, why serious, just live and enjoy but here’s’ the catch… hates happiness so bring on some fights…….


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