Searching Purpose contd…….

So after much thought, the boy was still not clear about his vision about his purpose of life. Life was going on as usual, time was running fast and he was growing old day by day minute by minute but with a question? Why and what he’s up to? 

He was never so much thoughtless helpless.

Sometimes life teaches us so many things that we wonder, how to react what to say. Clueless and unenthusiastic. We all need a vacation, not just to enjoy life, to go along the shore to open up new feelings new thought process, just to come aback and do regular stuff with much energy much soul.

There is one life who doesn’t expect anything from anyone and at the same time there is society, so called, expects a lot of innovative ideas to pull everyone in his false world. Who gets benefit? No one.! except human ego and superiority. We always have stories with us, stories of huge success, stories of exceptional valour and courage to do beyond human imagination just to show our fellow living creature that there is someone who is watching and monitoring our day to day minutes! But I say why we have such needs? Why we have become so much desperate about everything, why not just let go and smile?

I remember one incident, it was dark evening time. I ordered two boiled egg after confirming the vendor whether or not he has change of 500 bucks. He nodded hence my order. After I finished he gave me change but 10 bucks less! I handed him to recount and he agreed his mistake but… yeah, he gave me that short 10 bucks but full 100 bucks less!! Realisation came on the way and I was like smiling and laughing, not on my stupidity but what could have been his thought process?

All this desperation to live, not live to survive every day… from where it comes? What we have become? Why this world exists? What could have been the X factor behind creating this world, specially human beings? And those animals..

I know, why serious, just live and enjoy but here’s’ the catch… hates happiness so bring on some fights…….

Dream Purchase…

16 Jan 2012, was a new beginning with my red Ferrari (read cycle). Due to its red colour I called it Ferrari, also it was a long dream fulfilled. I got my first mountain bike “Schwinn Frontier Sport” from Cyclofit Ghitorni, Delhi.

In total, I paid Rs. 20,000 for below items –

Bike – 15,000/-
Sigma computer – 2058/-
Giyo pump – 725/-
B’twin toolkit – 300/-
Bottle cage – 200/-
Gloves – 500/-
B’twin key lock – 250/-
B’twin shorts (lycra) – 900/-
Side Stand – 400/-


Beauty. It was delivered @ my room around 6 o’clock in the evening. Delivery boy had to wait for half hours as I was sleeping and cell phone was on silent.Smile Poor chap.!

2012-03-26 06.36.27

Every morning was so pleasant after that…

2012-03-31 07.45.19

Of ride to Rajokari – Mehrauli forest route.

2012-04-08 07.33.20

Somewhere near India Gate, New Delhi.

2012-04-09 06.04.55

On my favourite route – GFR {Gurgaon Faridabad Road}.

Immediately after purchase, I updated the purchase status on site (one of the best Indian biking site). And started learning how to ride.!!

Yes! you got it right, I didn’t knew how to ride. This was my first bike and was pretty much excited. I still remember, I used to woke up 3 o’clock in the morning so that I will have no traffic, no kids to lough.!! Two weekends morning ride and I was ready to face Delhi NCR traffic. 1st big ride was Gurgaon sec 17 to Mehrauli. wow!!

Sad though. No century yet. The maximum in a day record is 94 Kms {Mehrauli – Faridabad – Sohna – Gurgaon – Mehrauli}

After that I never stopped. First puncture was when I was passing through jungles of Aravali hills (GFR entry from Chhattarpur road) and guess what?, had to walk 6 Kms. with punctured bike! horrible!!

I haven’t changed any parts since then, everything looks perfect. However, every morning rides have become weekend ride. But then, I am happy and planning to do something toofaani someday.

Searching Purpose…

There was a boy, shy sometimes nervous but always cared about everyone coming on his way, no matter what. Didn’t care about his personal image or first impression or anything that catches eyes, however always thinking about others perspective while doing anything.

He plans a lot creating future plans, time table about daily routines, expenditure and investment planning just to name a few. But once plan was on paper, he lost in another plan and forgot about previous one. Life goes on and his life was going on just like that. Thinking, planning, put down on paper and forgot.

Army was always a passion, tried very hard to get into it, attempted week long tests on various locations about 6 times and failed every time. Then age! Days were passing during those attempts, remember? Anyways scattered dreams, accepted life.

After graduation a job was in mind, so got that with a little struggle walking here and there trying again and again. Once got his dream company but not a dream job, he thought of civil services so planning on books searching compiling every bit of information available on the world called ‘internet’, and taking Sunday rounds of Delhi Gate to buy books. Very soon, table n shelves were full of some fat some old books. Job was going on, money was flowing, days were passing. Then comes D day, exam was good but what the heck! nowhere on successful list of candidates? Dreams scattered again!

Upper or top level job aspirations were on dustbin, new magic called ‘IBPS’ was on air, filled and cleared first and second but again failed when it came to personality judgment. He never understood the reason though. Yup scattered dreams everywhere, here there everywhere….

Job was not so pleasant, so left at peak time when the boy was actually supposed to capitalize his hard work and ask for credits but style or nakhre, yeah you can call that, joined two levels below position in a new place, salary was above though.

And now, two months passing by, the boy is again desperate to quit that so called two levels below but good salary job and desperately wondering to get into something good, again.

But at the same time the boy looks inside to see if he finds any pleasure on whatever he was doing?


He has a family back there, parents, a sister and brother’s family. He thinks he has to pay or it’s his duty to repay whatever his family has done to him, because of them he was sitting in a big city and earning good money. So much around him like Sister’s marriage, expectations of society, ageing parents? \

He dreams everyday, of quitting job, of taking his beloved cycle and head towards Himalayas. He thinks he will gain something on his journey. May be his fortune awaits somewhere, maybe he finds his purpose, maybe he encounters reality, maybe he finds peace, may be these bizarre thoughts stop showing up, maybe he becomes like everyone else, may be….

Land Of Gods–India

India, known for its beauty, holiness, pilgrimage centres throughout, is indeed a Dev Bhumi. Some of the places, may be due to their religious importance or me being an Indian a Hindu, or an adventurous me, are must visit and I plans to go someday.

Chhota Char Dham – Kedarnath | Badrinath | Yamunotri | Gangotri |

Char Dham –  Badrinath | Dwarka  | Puri | Rameswaram |

Panch Kedar – Kedarnath | Tungnath | Rudranath | Madhyamaheshwar | Kalpeshwar |

Panch Prayag – Vishnu Prayag | Nand Prayag | Karn Prayag | Rudra Prayag | Dev Prayag |

Sapta Badri – Vishal Badri (Badrinath) | Yogdhyan Badri | Bhavishya Badri | Vridha Badri | Adi Badri |                     Dhyan Badri | Ardha Badri |

Jyotirlinga – Somnath | Mallikarjuna | Mahakaleshwar | Omkareshwar | Kedarnath | Bhimashankar |                   Kashi Vishwanath | Trimbakeshwar | Vaidyanath, Parli Vaijnath | Nageshvara, Aundha Nagnath |  Rameshwar | Grishneshwar |

The following sanskrit sloka describes about the 12 Jyotirlingas –

सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च श्रीशैले मल्लिकार्जुनम्। उज्जयिन्यां महाकालमोङ्कारममलेश्वरम्॥

परल्यां वैद्यनाथं च डाकिन्यां भीमशङ्करम्। सेतुबन्धे तु रामेशं नागेशं दारुकावने॥

वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशं त्र्यम्बकं गौतमीतटे। हिमालये तु केदारं घुश्मेशं च शिवालये॥

एतानि ज्योतिर्लिङ्गानि सायं प्रातः पठेन्नरः। सप्तजन्मकृतं पापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति॥

एतेशां दर्शनादेव पातकं नैव तिष्ठति। कर्मक्षयो भवेत्तस्य यस्य तुष्टो महेश्वराः॥:

द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्तोत्रम्.

Ashtavinayaka – Moreshwar | Siddhivinayak | Ballaleshwar | Varadavinayak | Chintamani | Girijatmaj | Vighnahar |                         Mahaganapati |

Pancharama Kshetras – Amararama | Draksharama | Somarama | Ksheerarama | Kumararama |

Kumbh Mela – Allahabad | Haridwar | Nashik | Ujjain |

Shakti Peethas – Kalighat | Kamakhya | Vaishnodevi |

Jai Bhole – Manimahesh | Shrikhand Mahadev | Amarnath | Kailash Mansarovar | Adi Kailash |