Holi Ride

At evening around 9 o’clock I went for a small ride, just for fun and look around. Crossed AIIMS and took roundabout towards South ex, while turning there is a small green field with a lot of balloons kind of structure, I wanted to sit there but didn’t.

Crossed Nehru Place and thought lets explore flyover, cyclist are not allowed on flyovers but there was less traffic due to Holi, no cops to catch. Flyovers are like first you go up just like climb a peak then come down to meet the rest of the crowed. I remembered one of my school teacher, who always had to say Son, struggle today do you best today so that your future will be smooth better. Everything is equal in this world. Joy and pain, good and bad, everything, so bear the pain of study today and joy would be waiting for you someday. I was relating this on todays ride how true he was!

Equilibrium is what exists in this world. The creator is great. We have build this world, we can see around us. Ups and downs, but we cannot see what life’s equilibrium is, ups and downs are?


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