An answer to a question.

I am fed up with a question people ask me all the time.

Why you speak less? Is there anything you want? Something happened to you?

Even I don’t have answer to this question. So many times I tried to think about it and put everything to get a response, but nothing…

First question mark is unanswered but I know about rest question marks.

There is nothing I want from anyone, not even God. If I am doing any favour to you I doing even expect a thanks. I have everything to live my life on my terms and nothing happened to me, never in past or now. I am a simple guy with small visions and character. But people never understands this, may be I need to learn that not only showcase yourself in action, have to tell everyone, yes, I did that.!

Anyways, now coming to why I speak less. A person who’s having a basic common sense or basic knowledge on human psychology would never ask such question. Because look around, you will never found two people alike?

So basically, its the culture and environment what decides a person’s attitude towards everything. All throughout my life, I have projected myself nothing different from rest of the human race and I have never lived according to the false societal norms that one has to behave like this or that, I have always lived and showcased myself whatever I am. I believe in no other but myself, I do as I learn things, may be, and actually it is that people announced me “selfish” but I am not. Whatever I have achieved so far, is all because of my hard work and analysing wrongdoings.

I don’t know the straight answer but I speak less because I like that, because I enjoy loneliness, because I get new ideas and thoughts about everything, because this is the best thing I have got, And because by talking we throw out our energy (which we would have used in creation by preserving inside) And on top of it people don’t talk bullshit around & I have full authority to choose everything.

May be someday I will get exact, scientific or philosophic answer of it and will I share then?

Definitely yes, because I will have an explanation by then!!!….


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