Maggie is best when it comes to a quick meal and I believe for most of bachelors like me, who always search for quick fix, it is common and obvious to think of as a quick fix meal. Thoughts in my mind are bubbling like the boiling water in pan. In far from reality, somewhat real, close to what happen in the past are travelling inside just like a bubble of water comes up and disappears. The most common thought is about the live I lived so far, from my childhood to college days to initial days of struggle to get a job, then getting a job and leaving behind all the dreams of becoming a different figure in society.

Back home, in my case, everyone thinks this guy (read me) must be doing something worth or will do something big but what am I doing? sitting hopelessly in a small room and waiting for something good to happen, seriously man, so beautiful things are out there and I cannot get anything? Can’t even give a feel good factor to the old man waiting in a village far from here the some day son is going to shine!, life will be king size after that?

I promise myself to wake up early tomorrow for a run or cycle but with the next mornings alarm ‘hell, no, not today, definitely will start from tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Three months passing by and where am I on my new year resolutions?


Life is nothing just like bubble, it comes for nothing and goes for nothing. Perhaps God has created this world as his playground as human being has created so many things to please himself.! Or perhaps there is something hidden in every object on earth and that object wants to come out..! Or perhaps I overslept yesterday and now have nothing to do…!


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