Holi Ride

At evening around 9 o’clock I went for a small ride, just for fun and look around. Crossed AIIMS and took roundabout towards South ex, while turning there is a small green field with a lot of balloons kind of structure, I wanted to sit there but didn’t.

Crossed Nehru Place and thought lets explore flyover, cyclist are not allowed on flyovers but there was less traffic due to Holi, no cops to catch. Flyovers are like first you go up just like climb a peak then come down to meet the rest of the crowed. I remembered one of my school teacher, who always had to say Son, struggle today do you best today so that your future will be smooth better. Everything is equal in this world. Joy and pain, good and bad, everything, so bear the pain of study today and joy would be waiting for you someday. I was relating this on todays ride how true he was!

Equilibrium is what exists in this world. The creator is great. We have build this world, we can see around us. Ups and downs, but we cannot see what life’s equilibrium is, ups and downs are?

Happy B’day 22nd March

Memories going back today,

The flow of water and hesitated me

Shivering, shy but with a will

All mornings.

And the entire day?

Moving buses, but me

Sitting on benches, grass sometime


Waited for a long day to bless, cherish

for a single glance….

Birthday but to made my day


But sun sets and me?

Tears, desperation….

Alone.. back into my world.


Stay blessed and keep shining.!


This day will come back again
But with a year old.!
Faded memories but fresh wounds,
Time to sit back and wait again…. — at Utopia.

An answer to a question.

I am fed up with a question people ask me all the time.

Why you speak less? Is there anything you want? Something happened to you?

Even I don’t have answer to this question. So many times I tried to think about it and put everything to get a response, but nothing…

First question mark is unanswered but I know about rest question marks.

There is nothing I want from anyone, not even God. If I am doing any favour to you I doing even expect a thanks. I have everything to live my life on my terms and nothing happened to me, never in past or now. I am a simple guy with small visions and character. But people never understands this, may be I need to learn that not only showcase yourself in action, have to tell everyone, yes, I did that.!

Anyways, now coming to why I speak less. A person who’s having a basic common sense or basic knowledge on human psychology would never ask such question. Because look around, you will never found two people alike?

So basically, its the culture and environment what decides a person’s attitude towards everything. All throughout my life, I have projected myself nothing different from rest of the human race and I have never lived according to the false societal norms that one has to behave like this or that, I have always lived and showcased myself whatever I am. I believe in no other but myself, I do as I learn things, may be, and actually it is that people announced me “selfish” but I am not. Whatever I have achieved so far, is all because of my hard work and analysing wrongdoings.

I don’t know the straight answer but I speak less because I like that, because I enjoy loneliness, because I get new ideas and thoughts about everything, because this is the best thing I have got, And because by talking we throw out our energy (which we would have used in creation by preserving inside) And on top of it people don’t talk bullshit around & I have full authority to choose everything.

May be someday I will get exact, scientific or philosophic answer of it and will I share then?

Definitely yes, because I will have an explanation by then!!!….


Maggie is best when it comes to a quick meal and I believe for most of bachelors like me, who always search for quick fix, it is common and obvious to think of as a quick fix meal. Thoughts in my mind are bubbling like the boiling water in pan. In far from reality, somewhat real, close to what happen in the past are travelling inside just like a bubble of water comes up and disappears. The most common thought is about the live I lived so far, from my childhood to college days to initial days of struggle to get a job, then getting a job and leaving behind all the dreams of becoming a different figure in society.

Back home, in my case, everyone thinks this guy (read me) must be doing something worth or will do something big but what am I doing? sitting hopelessly in a small room and waiting for something good to happen, seriously man, so beautiful things are out there and I cannot get anything? Can’t even give a feel good factor to the old man waiting in a village far from here the some day son is going to shine!, life will be king size after that?

I promise myself to wake up early tomorrow for a run or cycle but with the next mornings alarm ‘hell, no, not today, definitely will start from tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Three months passing by and where am I on my new year resolutions?


Life is nothing just like bubble, it comes for nothing and goes for nothing. Perhaps God has created this world as his playground as human being has created so many things to please himself.! Or perhaps there is something hidden in every object on earth and that object wants to come out..! Or perhaps I overslept yesterday and now have nothing to do…!

Some Cycling : Velodrome and BIC Gr Noida

It’s fascinating to see cyclist in Tour de France, and to live that experience I went in to see Asian Cycling championship. Sprint races were held in Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium, however, road races were in Buddh International Circuit (BIC) Gr. Noida.

Indian team was pathetic, though my purpose was just to see cyclists from across the Asian nations and what physical strength is all about.

Reaching indoor stadium was easy, just go left to Indraprasth metro station but BIC was 64 km from my place. One has to board metro till Botanical Garden Metro station Noida, after that one bus was there till Pari Chowk and after that Yamuna Expressway. At Pari Chowk I saw a bus going Agra, asked to drop me at BIC. 20 buks without ticket and I was all alone in expressway.

I asked 6-8 times to different security guards about the entrance and funny part, the entry gate was locked. I had to wait for a guard to show up and open the gate for me. I thought this is what our sport culture is? No one bothered what the hell Asian championship was. And what event organiser were thinking, there was not even a single poster or hoarder of the event at BIC entry point or anywhere? In both events very less crowd was there, BIC was all empty except me and a guy, whose sister was participating in todays event and yes security guards were enjoying too.

2013-03-16 19.08.31

Entry Pass. Got it from Gaurav, owner of Supreme cycle Green Park. The same guy who organises weekend cycling events under name Delhi Cyclist.

2013-03-09 14.46.24

Can you see the crowd… me neither.

2013-03-09 16.31.252013-03-09 16.13.072013-03-09 16.24.14

Indoor events at Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium.

2013-03-09 16.54.21

It was like wow …. Ferrari standing outside alone and caged.

2013-03-16 13.52.282013-03-16 13.52.49

BIC nice tracks and area is well maintained. F1 races – you come again I will be waiting for you.

2013-03-16 13.52.59

had to be..!

2013-03-16 15.13.21

Women 99 km race is going on…

BIC is very far from crowd, if you have your own vehicle then its alright to go but for mango people like me its hell of a task. All the time I was worried about my return.

I left at 4 o’clock, and return journey was like expressway service road > auto till Kasna > local bus to Pari Chowk > UP roadways bus to Botanical Garden metro > metro till Hauz Khas > route no 511.

At 06:30pm I was inside my room.

F1 come fast…)