Goa Trip & Goa River Marathon 2012

Well, the end of 2012 couldn’t be better than this. The pain of ADHM was not gone yet I was preparing to run another marathon. Hip joints pain was tearing me apart since ADHM, but then when there is a will, there’s a way. On 9th October I was determined to run GRM (Goa River Marathon) 2012, without much preparation though. Reservation was in Train no 12218 (runs from Chandigarh to Kerala, good train). On 5th I boarded the train from New Delhi and reached Madgaon (Goa) at 9PM on 6th Dec. I was late and tired so without much hassle, I laid my blanket on platform and slept in open air.

Day 1 (7th Dec)

Madgaon is small place like other Goa cities. My plan was to visit Colva beach and roam around. I woke up at 5 a.m. had my tea from near stall and went ahead. A motorist asked me where am I up to, I ignored him just to find out later that these yellow plated motorists are govt. approved just like rickshaws in Delhi. I walked with a smile, finally I was in Goa. So I just walked and walked till I got tired and enquire about local bus adda.

Since GRM was to start from Vasco De Gama, I planed to make Vasco as my base for rest of my stay. So the first task was to search a room and get rid of the bag I was carrying. Very soon I got a bus to Vasco but had to wait for another bus, guess why? yeah, window seat.

By noon I was at Vasco and found a hotel with 1500 bucks for two days. I had to collect my running bib so after the formalities I headed to the Baina beach where Vasco sports club has organised the expo. Sun was in full glory, it was very hot. The arrangement were good at expo, shops around and some band was there also.

Before collecting the bib, I thought to have a deep breath near the mighty sea shore. I quite did it too.


( first glimpse…)


( first time experience, really enjoyed the view)


(another experience)


This is how it comes to you and ……..DSC06548

And comes near you ……


And says hello to you touches your feet……

Got my bib (no 1240 ) and came back at the hotel for further Goa exploring. I had heard a lot about Panaji (Panjim), the Portugal’s built it and I must say they did well.

2012-12-07 20.40.16

The arrangement were good all the way, less number of medical add though.


Clear sky made my day..


Panaji is fine city with lots of streets like this and full of foreigners.. Churches at every corner, I took walking tour of 6 km. starts from Church of our lady of the immaculate conception and return at same place.


mode of transportation, carrying people, bike, and cars as well.


Old buildings are fascinating and good watch.


Just sit, listen to the shore’s singing, thought comes pouring in.


Sunset at the beach, quite fascinating. A long desire fulfilled.

Day 2 (8th Dec)

Woke up at 5 next day, headed for a walk towards Baina beach. Ran across the beach till sun rise and came back just to get ready, marched towards bus stand. The plan was to visit Calangute beach, Aguada fort and watch sunset from there. Goa local transportation is very good, buses are available at regular interval. One can hire a bike on rent as well, its very famous there.



Sun shining brightly.


There are many who earns their livelihood from sea shores, not only human beings..


(what Goa is famous for…)DSC06595DSC06598

My companion of the tour…. the shadow..)DSC06601DSC06603

Perfect click.. isn’t it?


So many sports to play, with a good deal…


Aguada fort, shooting was going on.


Sat there for almost an hour, doing nothing.. without even realizing.

2012-12-08 15.08.20


Watching sunset was a dream, and it was a dream come true. See some snaps.


Time to return back and get ready for tomorrows big event, the run.


Such a big crowd.


The entry to Calangute beach.

Day 3 (9th Dec, Race Day)

Finally the D day was here, got up at 04:30 a.m. and reached at Baina beach, the race starting point. I submitted the bag, wore bib, timing chip and waited for clock to get set go. Legs were paining, the previous days walk along the shore from Aguada fort to Calangute beach walk helped a bit and gave me much sought confidence. I had a target of 02:30 finishing time so 8km per hrs. pace was required. First 5 km were cakewalk but then body started loosing its pace, at the same time mind picked up the pace and continued. 02:30 bus caught me around 13 km mark and I was behind them till the finish. Achieved timing of 02:31, my personal best.

2012-12-09 05.49.58

My target, thought will never loose hold of it..

2012-12-09 08.35.07

Did it again…. Victory pose

2012-12-09 08.41.55

After race snacks.

2012-12-09 08.42.042012-12-09 08.53.49

Me, resting after the race and prize ceremony was going on.

2012-12-10 11.02.19DSC06653

Prize distribution was going on and I was healing at beach.


After race thoughts. and whole day was spend sleeping naked there and playing with water. I got so excited to get into the water and guess what, I forgot to remove specs….. as expected lost them. And I was blind for rest of journey.!



This can only happen in Goa.


Day 4 (10th Dec, Return journey)

The night was spent at railways room service, since I lost my specs and being Sunday, market was closed. I had to do this and rested.



Getting ready to board the train.

2012-12-10 15.13.21

Boarded in time and left in time for 36 hrs. journey by Goa Express (Daily service).


En route..


There are so many tunnels en-route, and quite a good view.


DSC065572012-12-10 17.13.322012-12-10 17.22.07

Kokan railway at its best, this water fall comes near Doodhsagar. One must travel through Kokan railway once in a life time. It has so much to view, villages, river crossings, stations are heritage in itself.

2012-12-08 17.55.282012-12-08 17.55.42

Perfect click and with this the journey concluded.


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