Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012–Completed

After registration, I was prepared to do a lot of practice before the race, but as usual nothing happened. Just some random morning rides and some walking at park near my place where I stay.

So I was ready to give up but then destiny has its own charm and I did Mani Mahesh Yatra, just before the big day, on 17-20th Sep. And believe me it was a big morale booster two days of travelling by bus one way, then 14 km of straight climb, night stay up there and then downwards. See the entire story here.

With all that I completed ADHM with net time of 3:11 Hrs. being the first run I thing I did quite well.

2012-09-30 12.34.42

( Me giving myself a completion treat @ Karnataka Restaurant, Green Park)


(Certificate downloaded from net)

My bib number was 14381, I got it from Govind Puri on 23th September from get active expo organized by ADHM team from 21th Sep. to 23rd Sep. I gave exam (APFC, conducted by UPSC) in the morning and reached the expo by Metro. It was quite lovely, see some of snaps…


2012-09-23 14.40.37

(Kit Distribution Area, I got a bag with a lot of stuff)

2012-09-23 14.42.12

(BMW, the official car of the race)

2012-09-23 17.47.442012-09-23 18.08.43

(Stuff from the bag I got from expo)

Race day being the Sunday, I planned to take leave on Saturday but my manager didn’t approve, no choice. Came Saturday, landlord was angry I was still in his house (I was suppose to vacate the room before the month end). After a hectic Friday night shift, entire Saturday was busy with all the packing and by 5 PM I was done. I was about to call my office friend who was helping me to shift my luggage in his car but got a message from him that he couldn’t come busy with his guests. Shifting got delayed for next day.

At evening went Mehrauli market to pick some stuff, blanket was due to pick from dry cleaning as well. Had momos and chicken fried rice there with a friend. Messaged the cab driver not to wait for my pick up, would be coming by myself.

Back home, got ready and did 13 km office ride on my swinn bike (read cycle). After reaching office at 9 PM, did some regular stuff and colleagues were enquiring about dinner, decided that me and Deepak will be going to McDonalds to pick burgers for all. Drive up to McD, had ice-cream and were back at 11:30 PM.

I left office at 3 AM and cycled back to my room, woke up my friend who was helping me to find auto for the stadium. We left at 5 AM but very soon auto driver realised that something is wrong with clutch wire, he took 20 min and we were off. Paid 100 bucks to auto and walked to stadium.

2012-09-30 05.38.072012-09-30 05.39.09

(Waiting for clutch wire to be fixed)

2012-09-30 06.32.322012-09-30 06.33.39

(Me with all gears and saying bye to my friend)

2012-09-30 06.57.02

(Holding area where all the runners waited till 06:40 AM)

I started running at 06:52, means 12 min late, it was packed with 30,000 runners for half marathon. It was a hot day but race was very well organised with water points everywhere, mobile toilets, medical kit and oranges as well.

2012-09-30 10.32.052012-09-30 10.33.04

(After the race, tired, showing my medal)

2012-09-30 10.33.162012-09-30 11.12.51

( Timing chip and some photo shoot Flirt male)

Overall it was a pleasant feeling running, people cheering up, clapping felt very nice and special. First 10 K were smooth but after that it was like hell, I walked for almost two Km before gaining the momentum, because it was mental and will thing now to run not the physical one. Pain was there but will to finish was more than that pain.

At last, thank you ADHM organizers to such a wonderful day, I’m hooked to running and already has applied for Goa river half marathon on 9th Dec. See you all runners there.


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