A Short Trip to Nainital

So it happened again, an unplanned trip and it really turn out to be quick but enjoying two days trip. I was getting interviewed by BOB (Bank Of Baroda) official on 10th of August. Initially, they didn’t allow me as my degree was missing. Quite amazing we Indians are sometime, I had my mark sheet with me and the person asking me about the proof that I passed the class!!! All over the India 33% is the passing criteria, I was having the mark sheet with 52% marks and he was saying show me in written that I have passed the class.! Indian education system really need big reforms, we always believed on marking system without realising what a student is up to.

After much negotiation, I was able to convince them that I passed the class by showing the transfer certificate, where somewhere in small letter ‘passed’ was written. But the lady who was verifying my documents gave me 15 days window to submit the degree, thus this trip came into picture..

On August 12th, I was sitting on high tech bus to Nainital at Anand Vihar. One can catch Uttarakhand roadways bus from here. Off-tourist season, so easily got ticket. My pocket was already off by 385 bucks for a small paper. Anyways, occupied my seat with a coke & a packet of biscuit in hand.

2012-08-28 21.08.39

( A day before, on way to office & struggling with Delhi traffic)

As usual, bus got some problem just after we crossed Gaziabad, ‘tire puncture ho gayaa’ someone was taking over the phone. It always happens with the fucking A/C bus, consoled myself by abusing and went down to have tea. Rest of the journey was sleepy, had dinner somewhere in-between called ‘tadka’ dhaba.

At morning 7 I was standing with a great view of the lake. There is a temple of Naini ( one of Hindu Goddess, from 84 crore Gods )  and Tal means pond of water, that comes as Nainital ( Naini + Tal). Some snaps….

2012-08-13 13.45.23

( Let me touch the water please…)

2012-08-13 13.45.38

( Once more..)

2012-08-13 08.42.15

Some pics and I was on my way to mall road, you can found mall road in every tourist place in Uttarakhand. You name the place mall road is everywhere, why they call it I am still searching for an answer. Reached mallital ( there is only one tal, lower part called tallital and uper part of the lake called mallital), had tea omelette and enquire about the university.

2012-08-13 18.00.04

( Degree college up there..)

Back to bus stand again, crossed it and went ahead, in fact sooner I realised I was climbing.

2012-08-13 09.00.10

( Lake and bus stand can be seen at lower end )

2012-08-13 09.19.43

( More climb and lake was getting smaller..)

2012-08-13 09.33.22

( And more up, nice view )

In to the forest, I was alone in the morning, though it was Monday unlike cities like Delhi, it was calm and cool. On the top I saw some famous schools Doon School, Sherwood College ( producer of some of fine personalities). After a full circle of the lake, I got what I was here for.

A form was filled and 400 bucks were off again from my pocket. ‘come after one hour’ The official said. Went cafeteria to have tea and ordered chhole.

At 2 o’clock I left the university with provisional degree. ‘bus will leave at 8 in the night’ the booking clerk was waiting for my response. 385 bus off again and ticket was booked for 8 o’clock bus.

I had 5 hrs to spend and to explore the area. Went Naini temple, that reminded me of my friend, one forgotten friend. No idea what happened between us but we are no longer talking, friend on Facebook though.! And then saw football match, two schools were competing. After that went bhotia market, again reminded me of another friend, no more friends, no even on Facebook. Said, very said so quitted the idea of going up on rope-way just sat near the lake observing different type of fishes. I was lost on myself and didn’t even realised how and when I was sitting in bus and left Nainital.

Some snaps….

2012-08-13 13.46.162012-08-13 13.47.142012-08-13 18.47.462012-08-13 18.56.22

( lights on… at evening)

2012-08-13 18.48.032012-08-13 18.56.52

( Some more evening snaps…)

2012-08-13 18.57.162012-08-13 18.57.52

( can you see the sign ‘ZOO’…)

I found myself in front of this zoo but it was closed. It was Monday, closing day.

Places to visit in Nainital-

Lake, Zoo, Naini temple, Bhotia market, rope-way and view to Chinese peak from top, suicide point, some graves, rock climbing point for adventure loving people, waterfall on other side of lake, and a lot of climbing.

2012-08-13 18.58.382012-08-13 19.10.55

Last two snaps before bus left. I promised myself not to remember this place but couldn’t resist posting it here. May be somewhere inside I still miss those two soul with whom I saw myself, may be.

Total Expenditure

Tickets 770
Coke+Biscuit 50
Dinner (2) 150
Tea+ bread Omelette 30
Momos 50
Noodles 30
Total 1080