Dharamsala, McLeod Ganj & Beyond.

May month and Delhi, a killer combination.! Temperature hitting 45 degree Celsius and humidity, weather unbearable. And back my life was having a bad time, office life was just unthinkable!

26th of May I was standing at Kashmere Gate bus stand enquiring about bus to any place in Himachal.! Hill stations are, and will be, in hit list of travelling. I always avoided going Uttarakhand on a vacation, may be because it being my home state. And don’t know why but Himachal is always is in my top list when it comes to have some good time. And recently played IPL match between Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings in Dharamsala was in news so naturally I desired to go there. Google is best friend for any kind of information, some search and it was clear that I am hitting Land of Buddha this time.!

Hard Luck on 26th, no bus available when I reached Kashmere Gate bus Adda, very funny, I was back to my room. But early next morning ‘bus nikal gayi kya?’ I was again standing in front of enquiry cell. ‘420 rupees, aur 5 mint me nikal wali hai bus’ came a reply. Got my favourite seat, window one Smile  and left Delhi @ 06:30 AM.

Some stops in between and around mid day we were at Chandigarh bus stand for 30 min halt. When bus left I was accompanied by a lady but as usual ignored her and focused on the road, dreaming about my future cycling plan searching for camping ground. Pretty cycling thing yeah..!

Till Una, there was no talk. I was busy dreaming and she, sometime tapping on her Samsung Galaxy, sometime pouring water on her face. Pretty girl thing hmmm..!

Medical college’ I heard girlish voice and turned my facing towards that. She was looking at me with a waiting look.

‘No, going Dharamsala’ I replied.

Oh! entrance season hai na to I thought tum b admission ke liye ja rahe ho, center-fresh loge?’ She was holding center-fresh but I could only see her beautiful fingers and big colourful nails, combination of two different but matching.

Nai, mummy kehti hai ki ajnabiyon se kuch lena, khana mat’. Don’t know why on earth I said that but I think I was just playing it cool. I could see her smiling and looking other way.

Accepted her offer though.

She was in medical profession, completed MBBS from some college in Kangra, where she was going back today, and now trying her luck for MD course. Today she was in Chandigarh for exam. We had a good and long chat after that. She was in Delhi too, though for coaching and hardly got any time to explore the city. She told me about her life experiences, places to visit nearby, Kangra fort and a river where no one comes alive, she pointed towards the point but could only see her beautiful colourful finger.

At 7 in the evening I was outside bus stand, hopelessly tried to search a cheap room. After much searching and enquiring got a room at Kotwali Bazaar for 300 bucks.

Day 2

Early in the morning went for a walk, came back with a booklet Himachal Tourism and checked out at 10 o’clock. There was nothing much to do in Dharamsala, decided to visit McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu waterfall and Dal lake. kept Kareri lake and triund reserve for next day.

2012-05-28 05.38.382012-05-28 06.10.09

(Some glimpse of town, while heading McLeod Ganj. Cricket ground at far)

Its a steep climb to McLeod ganj, I started from altitude saying 960 meter and when I reached up it was 1770 meter.!

Bhagsu Naag temple is 2 km ahead of McLeod Ganj, and Bhagsu waterfall is some 500 meter from the temple. Reached temple and directly headed to the waterfall. Too much crowded with young couples, and youngsters mostly Punjabi’s.


2012-05-28 11.39.122012-05-28 11.42.41

(Waterfall and surrounding…)

2012-05-28 11.45.392012-05-28 11.45.54

( Some more…)

2012-05-28 11.52.202012-05-28 12.03.10\

( And a close look…)

2012-05-28 12.46.372012-05-28 12.46.54

( McLeod Ganj, full of Tibetans..)

2012-05-28 13.21.43

(McLeod Ganj was named after the governor of Punjab, Ganj means ‘neighbourhood’

Came back to McLe and headed to Dal Lake, it was showing 2.5 km on Google maps so decided to walk. One Dal lake is in Kashmir as well.

2012-05-28 13.22.182012-05-28 13.23.31

( On the way to Dal lake..)

2012-05-28 13.57.422012-05-28 13.57.56

( Straight to Dal Lake… I sat nearby this for almost an hour)

2012-05-28 14.33.572012-05-28 14.54.27

I thought it will be full of water and lively but it was something like this..

2012-05-28 14.56.32

( By this board, I came to know ManiMahesh Lake… Planned to visit someday.) Did ManiMahesh trip in Sep 2012.

2012-05-28 15.50.312012-05-28 18.30.09

( Lunch was something like this with a view like this…)

Walked back to McLeod Ganj, did some shopping, an emblem, shorts for me, lower for my friend (didn’t wanted to give her a chance to say ‘mere liye kuch nai late tum kabhi’)

Didn’t visit Buddha monastery coz of dark, I missed this time but its a must visit when you are in the land of Lama. Yoga and prayers are some major attractions here.

ordinary me hai ticket ab aur koi seat nai hai, kat du? 430 rupee ’ Booking clerk was impatiently looking at me. My hand slipped into my pocket to reach my wallet and hell… I was out of money, only 200 rs. left. Gave 200 to the clerk with a promise to come back with rest of the money but reserve that ticket for me. Again climb 500 meter to find out an ATM just to come back down.

I wanted to stay there and visit Kareri Lake, triund peak as well. But I was there without informing anyone, no leave approval from office so had to head back. These two place…… some day…….. for sure.! Aameen.!

Sunset view….

2012-05-28 18.30.252012-05-28 18.36.102012-05-28 18.40.012012-05-28 18.51.112012-05-28 18.51.512012-05-28 18.52.22