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Guwahati Half on 31st Aug 2014

Itinerary for the Guwahati Half trip-

Date – 27-08-2014 to 31-08-2014.

Delhi (NDLS) to New Jalpaiguri(NJP) – S7, 56. Train# 12502, Departure 23:45, Arrival 00:05.

New Jalpaiguri(NJP) to Kurseong(KGN) – Bus/ Shared taxi etc.

Kurseong(KGN) to Darjeeling (DJ) – 2S1, 11. Train# 52587, Departure 07:00, Arrival 09:45.

Darjeeling (DJ) to Kurseong(KGN) – 2S1, 11. Train# 52588, Departure 16:00, Arrival 18:40.

Kurseong(KGN) to New Jalpaiguri(NJP) – Bus/ Shared taxi etc.

New Jalpaiguri(NJP) to Guwahati(GHY) –S4, 3. Train# 12345, Departure 02:00, Arrival 09:30.

Guwahati(GU) to Delhi(DEL) – Flight# SG 881. Departure 15:40, Arrival 18:10.

Here is the link of Marathon info –


So the flying colors’ everywhere
As we have won it in truest sense!

I see smiling faces here n there
A false proud popping out from cage
As memory encounters the day of rage
Still, the flying colors’ everywhere

‘Freedom was won’ you say and we
Possess the right to seize
That glory and piece of land is mine
I claim, go fuck out of this place

Free now; a lion you are, might urinate
Marking territory, warning not to advance
And now I smell that scent everywhere
Millennium development goals gonna seize

But then the flying colors’ everywhere
As we have won it in truest sense

This half naked kid across the drive
Smiling; puts tricolor on my cycle
Coins; and blurred eyes his began to sparkle
Whispering, giggling his clan at far gonna twinkle

The flying colors’ everywhere

I rush, pushing the wagon; an impulse to flee
I chose my ways, but dejected; yet am free?
I rush to you memories down the lane
And a false proud popped out from cage

So the flying colors’ everywhere
As we have won it in truest sense!!

Your Life and this Wall!

Affairs, you had it all
You got it all somehow
Erecting along the waves
To go against the flow
You had it all!

Those dark nights and whispering air
Arrival signals!
Did no harm to anyone; playing fair
But unaware that a wall can grow
Yet you had it all!!

You moved ahead you lived
Leaving behind your shadows somehow
And left alone a little soul to appall
Exotic; he builds a wall
Joy of fractions and dead blow
You got it all!

And now,
No matter how many try to climb; and fall
Try to change, try to break the wall
Way too far the soul has gone
Don’t trust me, will ruin you when will fall

Affairs, you had it all
You got it all somehow
Erecting along the waves
Bouncing dancing against the flow
You had it all!!

The little adamant soul still frightens inside
The flinty wall!!

Bang bang!!

It’s been long since i wrote the Shimla – Reckong Peo bus trip. I think I never felt like writing after that may be I was too content with myself or with people from virtual world around. But today again I felt like betrayed again when the companion from virtual world forgot to tell me that I have gained nothing from last 4 months togetherness.

Anyways moving ahead, past one month has been a different experience all together. Weekdays are going working as usual and weekends were like drinking n all. Last Saturday I happen to go to a Mall in Gurgaon and there are some bars or pubs, whatever you called it, along the line of PVR cinema. This was first time for me and I was surprised to see what went inside those closed big door covered by big heavyweights’ called bouncers’. Under the heavy sound of DJ and crowed and beers and drinks of different kind and dancing girls pushing the drunks away and guys struggling to stand and wet floor; it’s a different life all together.

We went inside around 2000 hrs. The entry fee is 500 bucks and you get coupons of same amount to get yourself drink or something inside. We already had a beer outside. As the night came along, the crowed too started flowing like anything. Within an hour the entire floor was packed. This was first time for me so just danced and observed things around. Saw girls bargaining; dance with them was at 500 bucks and if you wanna have some shots it was a different price starting from 1500 bucks.

Do I call that a joy? May be it is.

But one thing is sure; inside you forget the world around you and just flow with the tunes of music. You get a companion as per your pocket and there is no regret on either side. The problem is for the badass like me, I was fully drunk and couldn’t even hold myself but then when I was romancing or was trying to romancing with music’s tune closing my eyes, and and all I could see was her face her eyes and all of her nothing else. So much crowed so much to enjoy yet alone, everyone was so strange and out of life.

Another thing I saw near the place where I live; there is some lonely stretch with a park along the road, some chakke who provide some services to their clients in open under the bunch of trees. I couldn’t gain courage to ask them the price and what all included in that service.

Tough days, but wish you have a wonderful trip there. Do some bang bang there as the name says!!

Let me Come to You!

Those big ‘need you kind of sparkling eyes
Saying you must be doing something right
When holding ‘would be betrayed hand
Caressing, walking around.
Eager I am; to be known
What happened there in the town!

This son of a bitch,
He talks and takes me there
But leaves me along the shore
Wondering I am; seeker but alone
My promises to him holds me tight
Intuitions, my vibes says you did right

The things that I don’t have hold on
I heard she has moved on,
And pearls of your eyes have drawn
That makes me miserable all the way down
What happened there in the town!

Hypocrite he is, a liar,
Says telling me the half truth
But me thinks his ‘topic’s phony
Snaps he sent look me too shabby
Let me garner more; you just hang on

Don’t howl my friend, welcome the dawn
Obliterate whatever happened there in the town!

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